Tubi TV Adds Seven More Anpanman Films

Tubi TV has announced that it has begun streaming seven more films from the Anpanman franchise:

  • The Adventure of Happie
  • Star-Spirited Dollie
  • The Secret of Fairy Rin-Rin
  • Blacknose and the Magical Song
  • Revive Banana Island!
  • Nanda and Runda from the Star of Toys
  • Shine! Kulun And The Stars Of Life

Tubi had announced in April 2021 that it would stream ten films from the Anpanman franchise with English and Spanish dubs in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico. Tubi has begun streaming the first of the ten films, Apple Boy and Everyone’s Hope, in April 2021. The service added Purun, The Soap Bubble in July 2021. Tubi also plans to stream Twinkle! Princess Vanilla Of Ice Cream Land.

Ghia Burns is voicing Anpanman in English and Cristina Hernandez is playing the character in Spanish. Jason Michael Kesser is voicing Anpanman’s foe Baikinman in English and Eduardo Garza is playing the character in Spanish.

Source: ANN

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