Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S: Episode 10 – “Kanna’s Summer Break (Broadcast In Two Languages!?)”

This episode only had two vignettes in it, and they both focused on Kanna. Not only that, it was nice to see Saikawa at all, which allowed the audience to have time to get to know Kanna a little bit better.

The first vignette sees Kanna getting into a fight with Kobayashi and running away from home. She takes on her dragon form and ends up flying all the way to New York City. At first, she doesn’t understand what anyone is saying, because they’re obviously speaking in English and she’s speaking Japanese. Apparently, though, she has a way to make understandable to her, because after doing this, she hears everyone talking in Japanese. Poor Kanna, though, is hungry and only has Japanese yen. A hot dog vendor can’t take her money, so she wanders away, dejected. Kanna comes across a girl around her age being chased by three burly guys. Kanna dispatches the three of them easily, much to the surprise of the girl and her pursuers.

Kanna meets the girl and learns her name is Chloe. Chloe’s dad is the CEO of a big company and is fighting against the mafia. The three guys trying to kidnap Chloe are from the mafia. Kanna and Chloe become friends, and we get a scene of Chloe going to the same hot dog stand Kanna went to earlier and trying to use a credit card. The vendor can’t take that, either, but fortunately, she has just enough cash on her to buy two hot dogs.

We get to see Kanna and Chloe having a great time playing together. But as it starts getting dark, Kanna says she needs to go home. But before they can part, the three mafia guys kidnap Chloe right in front of Kanna and drive off. Kanna becomes very upset and changes into her dragon form to save Chloe. Everyone is shocked, since Kanna is still in her dragon form. After Chloe is rescued, she admits to Kanna that she also ran away from home… and also seems pretty cool with the idea of Kanna being a dragon. It appears that Kanna has made a new friend in America… and I’m sure Saikawa is going to be jealous if she ever finds out. At the end of the vignette, Kanna returns home to apologize to Kobayashi.

The second vignette sees Kobayashi having a day off, while Tohru and Ilulu have to work. This vignette sees Kobayashi and Kanna spending the day together. First, they’re hanging out at the apartment, but when they run out of tea, they make a run out to get more. Kanna, being an inquisitive child, starts asking a lot of questions while they’re out and she learns about manhole covers. She decides to find as many manhole covers as she can and take notes on them for an independent research project for school. What I really enjoyed about this vignette is seeing how Kobayashi has really become a mother figure to the dragons in her care. She really had a patient nature with Kanna in this vignette, and I thought this was a good story to follow up the previous vignette. I especially liked one of the shots near the end of this one, where we see Kobayashi holding Kanna’s hand, much like a mother holding her child’s hand as they walk down the street.

Honestly, I thought this entire episode was really sweet. At this point, this is my favorite episode of this season. It was a nice change of pace from the usual storylines and tone of storytelling that is seen in the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid franchise. I’m sure this won’t last, but it was a nice change of pace.

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