The Fandom Post is reporting that Amazon Prime is now streaming the Yatterman Night anime through its J-Edge subscription. The series is available in its original Japanese language with English subtitles.

The property is based on the original Yatterman anime series that came out in 1977, which ran for a few years with 108 episodes total. This was remade back in 2008 and done in 60 episodes, and there were also two specials made for it.

The story of Yatterman Night is described as:

Long, long ago, a pair of heroes called the Yatterman faced off against the mischievous Doronbow Gang, led by the sexy villainess Doronjo. Now, years later, the Yatter Kingdom is protected by the new Yatterman. But the mysterious new Yatterman have forced the Yatter people into labor, and unrest runs rampant throughout the kingdom. In the spirit of her predecessor, a young new Doronjo reforms the Doronbow Gang in rebellion against the Yatterman.

Source: The Fandom Post