Case Closed: Episode 1017 – “The Monorail Sniper Case (Part Two)”

The episode opens with a recap of the previous episode, and it provides enough information to remind the audience of the important events and revelations that took place leading up to the point where this episode starts.

The episode starts at the Toto Market, where Takagi, Kogoro, and Conan are trying to figure out how they can find the culprit, who is transporting a dead body, hiding among all the people working at the market. A security guard informs Takagi of finding a man in a parking lot area. This was the man who was hit from behind near the end of the previous episode. The man’s clothes have been stolen, as well as the keys to his turret truck. By getting the color of the man’s clothes, as well as the number for the turret truck, Takagi and the others have something to go on to start tracking down the culprit.

Takagi also gets a call from Chiba, and it’s revealed that the person who lived in the apartment where this case ultimately began was a suspect in an attack on an armored truck carrying money. Even though the man who lived in the apartment had an alibi, he quit his job at the bank. With what they learn, Takagi, Kogoro, and Conan realize that this man was involved with the robbery, and that he was the victim in this murder case.

A little while later, the turret truck is found… but the culprit and the body are nowhere to be seen. Takagi, Kogoro, and Conan piece together that the culprit must have taken the dead body and went somewhere that’s deserted. Takagi comes up with a possible location that would be deserted in a crowded place like Toto Market. Sure enough, Takagi’s hunch was right, because the lock has been freshly broken. As they go into the location, Takagi gets a text from Chiba about employees at the bank who haven’t been to work recently, and it includes pictures, names, and information.

As they search the deserted area, they hear a man call out, followed by gunshots. They find a man who’s been shot, and he’s next to a dead body lying on a sheet (and a knife laying next to the dead body). Takagi says they’ll have an ambulance transport the injured man to the hospital. I found it interesting that they covered his eyes with a cloth as he was being transported. Even before seeing that detail, I had my suspicions about this man, which were basically confirmed when he gives a slight smirk while in the ambulance.

But, it turns out the man never goes to the hospital. Instead, after driving for a little bit, we discover the ambulance returns to Toto Market. When the cloth is removed from the man’s eyes, he finds Takagi, Kogoro, Conan, and security guards standing around him. Not surprisingly, Conan uses his typical tricks for the “Sleeping Kogoro” to start questioning this culprit. I loved seeing how the culprit slipped up and ultimately admitted to the crime without realizing that he had.

One of my favorite scenes in this episode was right near the end, when the culprit is arrested. He starts moaning and wondering how things went wrong. After he rattles off a couple of possibilities, Takagi sternly says, “When you planned to commit armed robbery.” I was thinking something along those lines before Takagi’s dialogue, and it made me happy to hear him say this out loud. I also liked hearing this stern tone coming out of his mouth, because it’s not a tone of voice you hear from Takagi very often.

In the end, I thought this was an effective two-part mystery. I liked how it took a murder mystery and ultimately used that to help solve an armed robbery case. I thought including that extra layer was a nice touch, and it helped elevate this story from being “just another murder mystery” in Case Closed.

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