English Cast Announced for the Kageki Shojo!! Anime

The English cast has been announced for the Kageki Shojo!! anime:

  • Siv Ryan is Sarasa Watanabe
  • Xanthe Huynh is Ai Narata
  • Megan Shipman is Ayako Yamada
  • Corey Pettit is Sawa Sugimoto
  • AmaLee is Kaoru Hoshino
  • Monica Rial is Chika Sawada
  • Natalie Rial is Chiaki Sawada
  • Bryn Apprill is Hijiri Nojima
  • Terri Doty is Risa Nakayama
  • Shara Kirby is Tomomi Takei
  • Aaron Campbell is Taichi Narata
  • River Kanoff is Mamoru Andou
  • Kestin Howard is Mikiya Kitaouji
  • Ben Phillips is Ichii Anai
  • John McCalmont is Haruhiko Oizumi
  • Bradley Campbell is Ken
  • E.A. Castillo is Ohki
  • L.W. Salinas is Kirishima
  • Phil Parsons is Kuma
  • Kent Williams is Hachi
  • Casey Casper is Hachi’s Wife

Marissa Lenti is directing the dub.

FUNimation Entertainment will begin streaming the English dub on September 4, 2021.

Source: FUNimation Entertainment

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