Undead Unluck Volume Three introduces some new characters, including a group that’s competing with the Union.

Undead Unluck Volume Three
Written by: Yoshifumi Tozuka
Publisher: Shueisha Inc.
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: September 7, 2021

The volume opens with the Union coming to face off against Victhor, the form that Andy took on when the card that’s in his forehead became dislodged. During the fight, we learn that the Union (primarily Nico Vorgeil) has been fiddling around with Andy’s body for 10 years. Which, of course, made me wonder what exactly had been done to him in that time, and if the card that’s lodged in Andy’s forehead has something to do with this. It’s especially curious when Victhor makes a comment that he’s the original and not Andy. Unfortunately, the reader is left wondering, because the volume doesn’t answer any of these questions. My guess is that more details about Victhor and Andy will be revealed in later volumes of the series.

In the end, though, it’s ultimately Fuuko (with a little help from the Union) that allows Victhor to be immobilized and the card returned to his forehead. Not surprisingly, Fuuko’s unluck ability plays an important role. But she’s also able to talk to Victhor in a way that gets the Andy persona to come out… which leads to something surprising that activates the unluck power.

We then hear the results for the various quests, which includes the addition of an eleventh seat. This will allow for another negator to join the Union. This ultimately serves as the basis for the next quest that Andy and Fuuko, along with Tatiana (the negator known as Untouchable) take on. In addition to this, other rewards include getting the location for the negator Unburn, the neutralization of Uma language (this is unification of all of the world’s languages, and everyone speaks English except for any negators), and the location of the negator Unrepair. Unfortunately, the quest to get the negator Unseen was unsuccessful, because the people sent to investigate were found dead… and it’s believed that someone else captured this negator. This event ultimately hints at the existence of another group trying to get negators.

Unfortunately, the failure to capture Unseen means a penalty: the addition of the Uma called Galaxy. It causes an alteration that creates a new rule that spawned a slew of Earth-like bodies and introduces the concept of aliens. At that very moment, the aliens come to invade. We are introduced to a woman who is Unjustice, and she uses her ability to repel the alien invasion. While this was a good thing, we learn that getting any penalties is bad, especially since this is the 99th penalty. There’s a stone tablet with 101 slots, and now there’s only one open slot left before the final 101st slot, which has a final penalty called Ragnarok. While they don’t know for sure what this is, it’s assumed it denotes “the end.” Unfortunately, there will be no more quests until the eleventh seat is filled… and they have to fill it within three months or they will receive a penalty. So now the stakes have been upped, and there’s a time limit to avoid the final penalty. I wonder how much higher the stakes could potentially go as the series progresses.

Fuuko, Andy, and Tatiana are sent to Brazil, where the negator Unrepair is. Fuuko and Andy are to sneak into an auction that deals with negators, umas, and artifacts. It’s a fancy shindig, so they have to look fancy. I admit that Andy looks pretty sharp in his tux. But poor Fuuko… Andy keeps having her try on skimpy dresses, and she doesn’t like it one bit. In the end, she is able to get one that’s more on the modest side. Oh, and for their disguise, their IDs show that they’re a married couple. Personally, I thought this was rather amusing. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m kind of picking up on vibes from Andy that perhaps he’s starting to develop more of an interest in Fuuko than just having sex with her for the maximum unluck power.

This portion of the manga introduces us to the negator Unrepair, who turns out to be part of the group that’s competing with the Union for negators. He has three other people working with him, but we don’t get to know too much about the other three in this volume. It turns out there’s a negator that’s going to be auctioned off. The negator is Unmove, and he’s a school-aged kid who is a scaredy cat. Unrepair is unimpressed with Unmove and is about to kill him when Andy and Fuuko appear. A fight takes place, and Fuuko is hurt by Unrepair while trying to protect Unmove. Unfortunately, it appears that she only has one hour to live. But Unmove surprises everyone by what he can do. The volume ends with Fuuko’s life in danger… but something surprising happens right at the end that serves as a wonderful cliffhanger. I really want to read Volume Four in order to find out what happens next. Of course, I want to find out what happens to Fuuko and the others, but I’m also hoping we’ll get a little more information and context about the rival group. Yes, their motivation was revealed, but I’d like to know more about them and how they fit into the Undead Unluck universe.

If you’ve read the first two volumes of Undead Unluck and enjoyed them, then I feel confident that you will also appreciate Volume Three.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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