Setsucon Opens Pre-Registration and Announces COVID-19 Policies

Setsucon has announced that pre-registration badges are now available for purchase for the upcoming 2022 convention. Pre-Reg prices for the event are as follows: weekend badges are priced at $25, and includes the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday dates of the convention; Saturday only badges are priced at $18; and lastly, Sunday only badges are priced at $12. Prices for the badges will increase after October 2, 2021, and pre-registration can be found at alongside registration policies.

Additionally, Setsucon has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation in both Blair County and Pennsylvania as a whole. With this, the convention will be requiring the wearing of masks regardless of vaccination status and either proof of vaccination (which the final dose may not be dated later than January 14, 2022) or a negative COVID-19 test (dated no earlier than January 25, 2022). Those not eligible for the vaccine, such as those 12 years of age or under, will not be required to present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. Those 2 years of age or under will not be required to wear a mask, per CDC recommendations. These requirements are subject to change to match CDC recommendations.

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