Case Closed: Episode 1016 – “The Monorail Sniper Case (Part One)”

The episode opens with Kogoro and Conan riding on a monorail. As the monorail moves, a bullet comes through a window near Conan and strikes another passenger in the arm. Kogoro tends to the man’s wound, then presses the emergency stop button. He talks with someone at the monorail company, explains what happened, and asks for them to call the police and an ambulance. For once, this isn’t Ran’s responsibility! But while Kogoro is doing this, Conan is already working out in his head where the bullet had to have come from.

Once Kogoro and Conan are able to leave the monorail car, Kogoro calls Detective Takagi to tell him what happened. From here, Conan deduces where the bullet had to have come from. I have to admit that when Kogoro first questions him on how he knows, Conan claims his horoscope said he would make lucky guesses… and Kogoro doesn’t believe it. When Conan then says he thinks he sees the culprit, Kogoro quickly runs off. But Conan takes a moment to turn to the camera with a bit of an exasperated look on his face, sighs, then turns to follow Kogoro. Conan’s little aside was kind of an amusing way to “break the fourth wall.”

Not surprisingly, as they investigate the apartment that Conan believes the shot came from, Conan keeps finding clues and hints that Kogoro misses. Conan uses the usual trick with the voice changing bowtie to call Takagi, but Conan almost gets caught a couple of times during this. When Conan calls, it turns out Takagi had just gotten off the phone with the real Kogoro, and when Conan realizes this, he quickly has to come up with a way to cover for that. And Kogoro steps out of the apartment as Conan is wrapping up his call. If Kogoro had stepped out any earlier, he more than likely would have caught Conan in the act.

And it turns out that Conan was right with the things he asked Takagi to look into. As Kogoro and Conan continue to chase after the culprit, they come across a car with a woman tied up inside. Gas has been poured on the ground leading up to the car, and we see the “shadow person” throw a match at it. Fortunately, Kogoro and Conan manage to get the woman to safety in time… but it was close.

By the end of the episode, with everything that has been pieced together, it’s determined that a murder was committed in the apartment, and that the bullet that hit the man in the monorail wasn’t intended for him… it was a stray bullet after hitting the intended victim in the apartment. The culprit wrapped the victim up in something and dragged them away from the crime scene… and Kogoro, Conan, and Takagi figure out where the culprit could go with something that large and not look out of place. We see their guess is right, and the culprit attacks someone else before Kogoro, Conan, and Takagi make it to the location at the end of the episode.

From the preview, it’s safe to say that this case will be solved by the end of the next episode. With this episode, it was determined what the actual crime was and where the victim was taken to, but we’re no closer to having any ideas who the culprit is or what their motivation is. I expect that the investigation that takes place in the next episode will be focusing on those details.

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