Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S: Episode 8 – “The World’s Only (Insert Phrase You Like Here)”

This episode opens with Shouta trying to figure out what to do as a Father’s Day present for his father. Unfortunately, Lucoa keeps thinking he’s saying “Tits Day” (since the Japanese word for father and the Japanese word for tits sound very similar), and for a while, thinks the gift Shouta is working on is for her. We see Shouta trying to make a talisman, and it was nice to see some real emphasis being put on the fact that Shouta is a wizard in training (in this season, we’ve heard a couple of quick references, but his magic abilities hadn’t been delved into much beyond that before now). Shouta is having a hard time getting it right, even though he’s following the directions in the grimoire to the letter. He actually gets some surprising advice for Takiya, and the advice he gives (which ties in with trying to understand the feelings of game developers), and it works. That scene made me think of my son and how he connects a lot of things with video games. By the end of this vignette, Lucoa seems to understand that the present is for Shouta’s father, but she still thinks it’s “Tits Day.” Although, I wonder how an English dub is going to handle the misunderstanding portion of this vignette, since the English word for father can’t be mistaken for
breasts” or “tits.” It’s one of those cases where the difference in language makes it so this particular joke doesn’t work in English. This vignette ends with Kanna giving Kobayashi a present because it’s Father’s Day (apparently, Kanna sees Kobayashi as a father instead of a mother). That was kind of funny, but you also have to feel kind of bad for Kobayashi.

The second vignette sees Kobayashi getting sick with a cold. I couldn’t help but think, “Hope it’s not the ‘rona!” I’m never going to see a character getting a cold in anime the same way again, am I? Kobayashi is sick enough that she has to stay home from work, and Tohru frets over Kobayashi. She tries to get some advice, and it took her three different tries before she got something resembling a reasonable answer. Tohru thinks about how in her world, she has seen entire towns, even entire worlds, wiped out by an epidemic. With COVID still going, especially the Delta variant, these lines of dialogue hit a lot harder than they would have otherwise. Tohru decides to take it on herself to go back to her world to find medicine to help Kobayashi. Kobayashi takes what Tohru brings back, and tells her it’s working even though she doesn’t know if it is. She wants Tohru to feel better about the situation. The ending of this vignette brings about an unexpected side effect, and we learn that the medicine is meant for creatures, not humans. Oops!

The final vignette sees Ilulu and Take working at the candy shop, and Ilulu discovers that someone left a doll at the store. After abandoning a doll years ago when she developed her hatred for humans, Ilulu regrets what she did and is determined to find the doll’s owner. Take finally gets to meet Kobayashi, but ends up getting the wrong idea about her. Ilulu tries to use her enhanced sense of smell to find the owner, but it starts raining (which risks the doll getting wet and Ilulu is losing the scent). Take comes to the rescue with an umbrella, and Kobayashi is able to use a photo of the doll to track down its owner. When Ilulu and Take find the owner, they learn that she had intended to abandon it… and Ilulu shows a more sensitive side here when she gives advice to the doll’s owner. I know that in large part, it’s due to the fact that Ilulu can understand the owner’s situation and feelings, but I think it also helps to show that Ilulu is starting to better integrate herself into the human world.

I enjoyed all of the vignette’s in this week’s episode, and I was quite happy to not see Saikawa in this episode. Saikawa’s schitck had become so overused in recent episodes that I had become sick of seeing her. This episode was a nice reprieve from that. While I wouldn’t mind seeing Saikawa gushing over Kanna sometimes, it just had lost its amusement factor by the end of last week’s episode because of how much it had been showing up recently.

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