Sony Adds Marvel Anime: Wolverine to YouTube

The Fandom Post is reporting that Sony has added the first episode of Marvel Anime: Wolverine to its Throwback Toons channel on YouTube. There are already episodes of Marvel Anime: X-Men and Marvel Anime: Iron Man available on the channel.

The series was directed by Hiroshi Aoyama based on the series composition by Kengo Kaji. Hisashi Abe handled the character designs with Madhouse handling the production.

The story of Marvel Anime: Wolverine is described as:

Logan is asked by his old friend, a cop from Japan, to help him take down Shingen Yashida’s crime syndicate and save Mariko, Logan’s lost love, from forced marriage arranged by her father Shingen. Yukio, a female assassin, helps him.

Source: The Fandom Post

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