futekiya, the online boys’ love (BL) manga subscription service, is pleased to announce the license acquisition of the following BL titles* from TAIYOHTOSHO:

Muneni Togesasu Kotobakari by Sumako Kari
Akira Hinatsu resents his father. So much so that after graduating high school, he runs away from his home in the countryside to the big city of Tokyo. But as fate would have it, Akira has to go back to his hometown – something he never intended to do until now- after receiving the news of his father’s death. Everybody is surprised to learn that Akira is Mr. Hinatsu’s son. It hasn’t been that long since Akira’s disappearance, so why is everybody so shocked? Who else could they have thought his son was?

Kaoru Kemono by Ameshiro
Vampires in this world are not like the ones from the movies. Sunlight doesn’t affect them, they are not afraid of garlic, and they do not have superhuman abilities. But one element does remain true: vampires need to drink blood to survive. When Yohsuke is orphaned after a tragic accident, he is taken in by Naruichi’s parents. A family of vampires, naturally, they all believed that one day Yohsuke would also awaken to his vampire self, just as Naruichi did. And just as anticipated, Yohsuke goes through a transformation… but what awaited him on the other side weren’t the fangs of a vampire.

Ai Seyo Bakemono by Tsukizuki Yoshi
Reiji Kuze is the son of doctors and a new transfer student in his last year of high school. As someone whose socioeconomic background and academic grades are in the top 98th percentile, Reiji immediately stands out like a sore thumb in his new school. And in high school, standing out means you will be targeted. Presumed to be a delicate prince swimming in cash, Reiji gets picked on by the third strongest person in the school… and beats him and his entire gang to a pulp without breaking a sweat. As if Reiji didn’t stand out enough already, he seems to have caught the interest of the king of the hill, Akira Ohara, the cat-like lone-wolf that nobody can seem to tame.

Ai to Hanaji by Rose Shiomi
“LOVE and Nosebleed”: The moment Aoba has been dreaming about is finally here. But for some reason, Aoba can’t. Instead, he (involuntarily) expresses his excitement about having sex with Mano… with a gushing nosebleed. Does this mean he’ll never be able to be intimate with the man of his dreams… EVER?

“If I Wished to See the Same Light”: Sceneries. That is what art student Shinozaki prefers to paint. Even though he specializes in painting sceneries, he knows himself that these pieces are lacking in something… but what?

Akuma wa Fancy Allergy by Uri
When Aoi was little, he was always the prettiest. Even now, he’s got the same beautiful face – but with every cutesy decoration his parents sneak around the house and into his things, the more he can feel his “perfect guy” image washing away. Why is his dad so insistent on him always having cute things on hand? Could this have something to do with the demon from Aoi’s childhood?

*English titles and release dates to be announced later.

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