Case Closed: Episode 1015 – “Stakeout”

The episode opens with Detective Chiba buying food at a convenience store. Conan and the Detective Boys (minus Ai) happen to see him and decide that what he’s doing is unusual. I’m not quite sure what tipped them off that what he was doing is unusual, though. While they later explain in the episode that they saw him, I don’t think they truly explained what it was that them think his shopping was unusual.

Anyway, they decide to follow Detective Chiba and they see him go into an apartment complex. Conan realizes that the apartment building is a newly built building and that no one should be living there yet. They go to an elevator and Conan determines which floor Detective Chiba might be on by looking at the button with the most scratches on it. When they reach the floor, they look for the doorbell with the most scratches on it. Sure enough, they find Detective Chiba… as well as Detective Takagi. It turns out the two of them are on a stakeout. The two detectives, of course, want the kids to leave. However, they say they have to wait for the professor to come get them. The two detectives reluctantly agree to let the kids stay until then, and they learn that the two detectives are trying to find a robber who stole from a jewelry store. Thanks to apprehending another thief who had hit all the rooms on a specific floor of an apartment building (who had some of the stolen jewelry on them), it narrowed it down to the actual jewel thief (or thieves) being at that location, which is located across the street from the building that Chiba and Takagi are in.

Conan looks with the two detectives, and he can see that two of the units are vacant. It only leaves three rooms where the potential suspect lives. Two of the occupants act suspiciously, while the third appears to be a regular person who is also a yoga instructor. Ayumi comes up with an idea that she shares with Genta and Mitsuhide (but not with Conan), and they make it sound like they’re leaving. But, of course, knowing these kids like we do, we know they’re up to something. Conan and the two detectives see them each throw a toy that they have up onto the balcony of the three units with the potential suspect. Their plan, then, is to use these toys as an excuse to gain entry into the three units and see what they can determine.

With the first two units that are entered, it’s determined that there’s reasons for the suspicious behavior that can be explained as having nothing to do with the jewelry theft. However, when the third unit is entered, the resident and her partner say something that made me realize right away, even if we hadn’t already eliminated the other two choices, that something was off. Let’s just say that when something accidentally happens that raises the suspicions of the resident and their partner, this member of the Detective Boys suddenly sees their life in danger. As this is Case Closed, we know that the police (as well as Conan with his trusty shoes and soccer ball) are going to come to the rescue.

Ultimately, while this episode focusing on the Detective Boys was probably on the better side for this kind of episode, it’s still not one of the better episodes of the series overall. I thought the setup for getting the kids involved felt a little forced, and I found myself a little annoyed by Ayumi, Mitsuhide, and Genta’s antics. They just haven’t seemed to figure out after all this time that when they pull stunts like this, they always find themselves getting into some kind of trouble. Even the last bit of the story, which we see after the ending credits, points this out.

From the preview, it looks like the next story is going to a multiple part mystery, so hopefully it will help make up for this weaker episode of the series.

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