Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S: Episode 6 – “Uncanny Relationships (One Side Is a Dragon)”

There are a total of three vignettes that appear in this episode, and each vignette focuses on one of the dragons and the human they have a relationship with.

The first vignette focuses on Shouta and Lucoa. Shouta is frustrated because Lucoa is supposed to be his familiar, but she treats him like a child and follows him around whenever he’s home. He tries figuring out her weakness and starts trying out various ideas… but each one fails miserably. In most cases, he’s the one who’s frightened instead of her. So he decides to visit Tohru to see if she has any idea what her weakness is. Of course, Tohru is thinking about battle weaknesses or ways Shouta could hurt Lucoa… and that isn’t what he wants. Kobayashi, of course, has some words of wisdom to give to Shouta right before Lucoa shows up unannounced. There’ a touching part near the end of this vignette, where Lucoa tells Shouta that if he wanted to know her weakness, he could ask her directly. And then she says what her weakness is. I thought this was a nice character development moment for Lucoa. I also thought this vignette did a good job of exploring Shouta’s feelings and the relationship he has with Lucoa. I appreciated getting to see a story focusing on two characters who had been in more of background role this season.

The second vignette focuses on Takiya and Fafnir. Takiya’s parents are coming for a visit, and he’s trying to find a way to get Fafnir to leave the apartment for a few days so he doesn’t have to explain Fafnir to his parents. But a hardcore new game is coming out at the same time, and Fafnir refuses to budge. Takiya turns to Tohru for advice on how to get Fafnir to listen to him, but once again, she gives advice that won’t work in this situation. That was definitely a running gag for the first two vignettes in this episode. Takiya wants to get a hold of Lucoa, but he only has contact information for Shouta. So Shouta gets to play a small role in this vignette as well. When Shouta hears that Fafnir has allowed Takiya to give him a nickname even though he’s such a prideful dragon, Shouta thinks this could be the basis for making a pact. Shouta gives Takiya a magic orb to give to Fafnir. Not surprisingly, the orb doesn’t work on Fafnir, but he does use this as an opportunity to explain to Takiya why he allowed him to give him a nickname. Again, I was happy to see an vignette focusing on characters who have been more in the background this season up to this point.

The final vignette focuses on Kanna and Saikawa. One of their classmates brags about making it to where the two rivers meet and shows a picture on his cell phone. Apparently, that’s a bit of walk, especially for elementary school students. Saikawa claims that it’s nothing to brag about because it’s easy. The classmate challenges Saikawa to go there and to take a photo as evidence. After school, Saikawa regrets having made that comment, and Kanna volunteers to go with her on the trek. During the trek, we see Saikawa falling into her usual routine of reacting to Kanna by screaming or fainting. To be honest, this was the least interesting vignette to me, because it didn’t add any new insight or dimension to the interactions between these two characters. Instead, it just highlighted Saikawa’s usual trait, which I find to be annoying to begin with. And we’ve already seen this a bit this season, so it just felt like more of the same. The most interesting part of this vignette is when Elma, in dragon form, comes out of one of the rivers. Saikawa tries to get a picture, but Kanna keeps blocking the view until Elma is gone.

From the preview for the next episode, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Shouta. I’m guessing this could be an extension to Shouta’s vignette that we saw in this episode. At this point, I’d much rather see more of Shouta and Lucoa than Kanna and Saikawa. I just feel Saikawa has been overused this season and that her gag has already been run into the ground.

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