AsianCrush Is Streaming the Inukami! Anime Series and Movie

The Fandom Post is reporting that AsianCrush is now streaming the Inukami! anime series and film on its service. They are available with the original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

The story of Inukami! is described as:

Inukami are benevolent, dog-like beasts with great spiritual powers that can also take human form. Together with a clan of “Inukami Users,” they fight to vanquish evil. One such clan member, Keita Kawahira, is seen as a total loser. He doesn’t take his job seriously, flirts with every woman he sees, and can’t find a single Inukami willing to form a contract with him. Then, one day, he meets Inukami “Yoko.”

She is beautiful, fearless, and powerful beyond compare, but also self-centered and uncontrollable. When she gets jealous, she won’t hesitate to use her powers to teleport Keita, completely naked, straight into the middle of town as punishment-much to the police department’s dismay. Will this unlikely team band together to fend off evils plaguing their city, or will Keita be branded the city pervert and get locked up first?

Source: The Fandom Post

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