Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S: Episode 5 – “Together With You (Well, If We Get Along)”

There are a total of three vignettes that appear in this episode. In the first one, Kobayashi comes across Tohru and Elma growling at each other in the shopping district. Kobayashi talks to the two of them, and this leads us into a backstory for the relationship between Tohru and Elma. This was probably one of the more serious vignettes I’ve seen in the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid franchise up to this point. I thought it was interesting to see the two of them when they were younger, traveling together even though they come from different factions, in order to learn more about humans. But in the end, they weren’t able to see eye to eye and headed their separate ways.

There are a couple of interstitials that break up the three vignettes, and both of them show Tohru and Elma on their travels in the past. These interstitials also helped to cement the character relationship between Tohru and Elma. While they have come across as enemies up to this point in the series, this episode illustrates that a big part of the reason why they butt heads so much is because they know each other so well. Also, it was nice to see that this backstory ends up providing some explanation for the “human sacrifice” comment Elma made in the previous episode. Elma’s reaction last episode makes a lot more sense.

The second vignette sees Tohru becoming upset with Ilulu because all she does is lounge around the house and doesn’t do anything. Tohru insists that Ilulu needs to get a job. They go wandering through the shopping district, and Ilulu keeps giving reasons why she can’t work at various stores. Ilulu runs into a couple of girls and she asks to play with them. They agree, and they meet up with Kanna and Saikawa in front of a candy store. Tohru knows the owner of the store, who is an elderly woman. The woman has injured her foot and is considering closing down the store. Ilulu asks to work at the shop, and with a little help from Tohru, convinces the owner to give her a shot. I can’t forget to mention that during this vignette, it’s also revealed that Ilulu has finally learned how to form real hands in her human form.

The final vignette focuses on Ilulu’s first day at work. This vignette introduces a new character named Takedo Aida, who is the teenage grandson of the shop’s owner. He’s been sent to deliver a uniform to Ilulu and to help offer guidance. Taketo is a high school student, and when Ilulu tells him she’s 16 (this is the age they’re trying to claim she is), he thinks that’s the same age as him. Of course, as a high school boy, the first he notices about Ilulu are her large breasts. And yes, during this vignette, we get a gag of Taketo falling into Ilulu’s breasts. Who didn’t see that coming? Leading up to this, an elementary girl school asks Ilulu about her large breasts, and Takeo notices. When Ilulu asks the girl if she wants to touch her breasts, Taketo rushes over and trips on a pair of shoes… and thus causing him to fall into her breasts. Taketo was unsure about Ilulu, but as he sees her taking her job seriously, he decides that he can get along with her. It seems that Ilulu feels the same. At this point, I feel safe in saying that Ilulu and Taketo will become friends. But whether there ends up being anything else between them, who knows? Considering that this franchise is a comedy, I’m guessing they’ll continue using Ilulu’s large breasts as a running gag in regards to Taketo.

Overall, though, I did enjoy this episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S, even with the predictable boob gag with Taketo. But this falls into line with the kind of humor that this franchise relies on, though, so I really can’t complain about it. Having the overall more serious tone of the first vignette was a little surprising, but it was a refreshing change of pace. The preview for next week’s episode gives the impression that the episode is going to be focusing on the normal comedy and tone, though.

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