Shueisha’s manga app Manga Mee has published the 22nd and final chapter for Kira Etō’s World’s End Harem ~Britannia Lumiére~ manga, the third spin-off series of LINK and Kotaro Shono’s World’s End Harem manga.

The manga is described as:

High school girl Eri has a strong and pure heart. One day, she is suddenly summoned to another world, “Britannia” where only men exist. To save this world as the “goddess of light,” a harsh battle begins in this world full of men.

The spin-off series launched on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ and Manga Mee apps in June 2020. The manga went on hiatus in December 2020 due to the author’s health, and returned on June 18, 2021. Shueisha’s MANGA Plus website added the series in English in August 2020.

Source: ANN