The American-based online bookstore Glacier Bay Books has announced that it has licensed Yumi Tada’s The Mermaid and the Prince manga and Konomi Oumi’s From This Flame manga.

The 24-page The Mermaid and the Prince manga is a “modern retelling of the classic Mermaid fairytale,” and Glacier Bay Books will release the manga in full color in both digital and physical editions. Glacier Bay Books describes the story as “the classic short story of a lonely mermaid and the ‘useless’ prince she rescues.”

Glacier Bay Books describes From This Flame:

A mix of quietness and fury, an unraveling yarn in the night… From This Flame collects eight stories that reach into the wellspring of myth and imagine the world that comes “after.”

The company plans to release the manga digitally and in print in the third quarter of 2021.

Glacier Bay Books also confirmed it will release Arata Imai’s F manga in print in September 2021, and stated it plans to release an expanded print collection of MISSISSIPPI’s Tsukiko and the Satellite and other stories manga in the third quarter of 2021.

Source: ANN