Manga creator Makuno has revealed on Twitter that she is terminating her contract with publisher Fantasista because there were times when important reports and payment obligations were not fulfilled, even after she made inquiries at the end of June 2021. Subsequently, she became ill from mental fatigue and decided that to continue a healthy production environment for manga creation, she would have to terminate her contract.

Her While You’re Asleep, Scapegoat Baby, and LUST-fantasy- dо̄jinshi manga are no longer being distributed on Fantasista, Inc.’s futekiya boys’ love manga subscription service as of July 22, 2021. She plans to distribute and sell the English versions of her works, including the unreleased final chapter of Scapegoat Baby, on her own.

Makuno’s The Nature of Master/Slave Relationships manga, which futekiya added from Dogenzaka Shobo, will remain on the service.

The futekiya service launched in July 2019, and it allows access to its entire library of manga for a monthly fee of US$6.99. The service is also offering licensed dōjinshi and manga by independent artists.

Source: ANN