Chainsaw Man Volume Six focuses on Denji’s new love interest, Reze.

Chainsaw Man Volume Six
Written by: Tatsuki Fujimoto
Publisher: Shueisha Inc.
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: August 3, 2021

The beginning of the volume sees Reze asking Denji to leave Public Safety and run away with her. Even though he was feeling conflicted between Makima and Reze in the previous volume, we saw Denji caving enough to Reze that I was almost afraid he would decide to go with her. But, Denji actually surprised me… he turned her down, and even shares how he’s actually starting to enjoy being part of Public Safety. But when Reze flat out states that Denji is in love with someone else, he drops his guard… and she kisses him. But we see it isn’t an ordinary kiss, because when the two part, we see that Reze has bitten off part of Denji’s tongue. Not only that, we see her cut off one of Denji’s hands.

In the previous volume, I thought something felt off about Reze, and it turns out I was right to suspect that she wasn’t what she appeared to be. When she’s about to take his heart, Beam (the Shark Fiend) swoops in to try to get Denji to safety. Beam also reveals that Reze has devil powers that allow her to explode to kill her prey but not kill her.

Oh boy. Denji’s weakness for women has brought about danger not only to himself, but to his comrades as well. Reze transforms into a devil, and she chases Denji and Beam, trying to attack them as she does.

Meanwhile, Aki and Angel Devil are visiting Aki’s old friend, who is part of Division 2. Unfortunately, Beam brings Denji to this location to get him some help, and Reze is hot on their trail. In her effort to capture Denji, Reze kills others and creates chaos. Unfortunately for Aki, his friend that he came to visit was one of Reze’s victims. This is important later when it appears Angel Devil will be blown away and killed. Even though Aki will have some of his life span siphoned off if he touches her, he grabs her hand in order to save her. When she asks why Aki took this risk, he says that he doesn’t want to see another one of his comrades killed right in front of him. You have to feel for Aki, though, because he’s right. Over the course of these six volumes, Aki has now seen two of his comrades die in front of him. This can’t be a good thing for his psyche, and his desire to not want to see any other comrades killed in front of him makes a lot of sense.

Volume Six is one of the more violent volumes for the Chainsaw Man manga. With Reze’s detonation ability, as well as her attacks on Denji (biting off part of his tongue, for example), there’s more blood and violence than we’ve seen in the previous volumes. This volume is also more action-oriented and has a lot more action panels and less dialogue overall, so it makes this volume a relatively quick read.

Even with the increase in violence, Chainsaw Man Volume Six is a logical way to continue the overarching story of the series. Hopefully Denji will learn at least one lesson after what happens in this volume, and that he can experience some more growth and development as a character. Since this volume ends with the completion of this arc, I really have no idea what to expect in Volume Seven. So I’m going to be curious to see what the next volume has to offer the reader and how it will continue Denji’s story.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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