Case Closed: Episode 1013 – “The Man Who Loved Too Much”

The episode introduces the episode of Erina, a young woman who is making curry. We then see Kogoro and Conan walking down the street and talking about ingredients to put into curry. We later learn that they were on their way to buy ingredients so they can make curry in order to surprise Ran. But on their way to the store, they see police vehicles and a crowd gathered around a house. It turns out it’s the house that belongs to Erina and her husband, Shohei.

Kogoro and Conan enter the house, and find Inspector Megure and Detective Takagi interviewing the couple. From what evidence is seen and from what they say, it gives the impression that Shohei attacked a male burglar in self defense when he went after Erina with a knife. However, since this was so early on in the episode, there’s no way that this could have been the case. As Kogoro and Conan are leaving, Conan finds a birthday card for Erina on the grass, and then notices footprints leading to an entryway in the back. Conan claims to need to use the restroom in order to get away from Kogoro. That’s probably one of the only good things about Shinichi being shrunk down to a small kind: that he can claim that he needs to use the restroom in order to sneak off and look for clues. He’s just lucky that none of the adults have picked up on this yet. LOL!

Conan is actually able to pick up on a few clues, especially after having a short chart with Erina, and he starts realizing that things aren’t what they seem before Kogoro catches him sneaking around the house. Unfortunately, what Conan has gathered isn’t quite enough for him to be able to use the Sleeping Kogoro trick in order to solve the case. Conan gets his final piece of evidence after overhearing a conversation between Erina and Shohei, and then he uses the Sleeping Kogoro trick.

I hate how vague I’m having to be with this, but if I say too much more, it’s going to potentially provide spoilers and give away the answer. That’s definitely one of the frustrating thing about writing posts for these one-off murder mystery episodes. Since the writer only has one episode to tell the story, a lot has to be revealed in a short amount of time, instead of building up like a multiple-part mystery does. Speaking of one-off murder mystery episodes, the preview for the next episode shows that it’s going to fall into this category.

I can’t forget to mention that in the short bit of episode remaining after the ending credits, it shows what happens with Kogoro and Conan finally make the curry they were talking about earlier in the episode. Let’s just say that… it doesn’t go as well as it could have.

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