In October 2020, Media Blasters announced that it would be releasing the 10 Tokyo Warriors anime on Blu-ray Disc. The company has now announced that this release is scheduled for September 28, 2021.

The English cast for the series included:

  • Michael Ann
  • Beth Ginnett
  • Dale Weinstein
  • Jeanne Michaels
  • Jen Finley
  • Jennesy Elshire
  • Jimmy Key
  • Kelly Early
  • Larry Law
  • Marcus Junkin
  • Natalina Maggio
  • Rachel Kemp
  • Russel Shore
  • Scott Burnett
  • Selah Victor
  • Todd Boaz
  • Wesley Freitas

The English dub was directed by Elisa Fiorillo.

The story of 10 Tokyo Warriors is described as:

Long ago, in feudal Japan, there was a fierce warrior named the Demon King. He controlled a band of demons, known as the Kyouma. Only the powers of 10 warriors sealed the Demon King away and kept the Kyouma under control. But now, Lord Shindigan, a powerful Kyouma is planning to free the Demon King, and the reincarnations of the 10 warriors must band together and save the earth.

Source: The Fandom Post