Comikey Announces Upcoming Catalog Additions and Partnership with Four More Publishers

COMIKEY MEDIA, a USA-based localization company is slated to start publishing nine new series over the next couple of months to their online comic reading platform, Comikey. On July 17, 2021, Comikey added Cursed Sword and Promise Cinderella to its collection of manga by publisher Shogakukan. The rest of the new comic additions are from four new publishers Comikey recently partnered with: Coamix, Compass,, and Shinchosha.

In August 2021, Comikey will start releasing Girl Crush from Shinchosha. Girl Crush is a K-pop themed manga about the friendship between two high school girls—Tenka Momose and Erian Satou—and their fun and heartwarming journey to become K-pop idols. Other series with August 2021 launches on Comikey will be Beneath the Mask from Compass and four series from Adorable Spoiled Little Princess, My Prince Charming and his Daughter, Vengeful Young Master’s Sweetheart, and The Unbridled Genius Medic.

Record of Ragnarok from Coamix will have its Comikey premiere in October 2021.

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