The episode opened with enough of a recap to remind the audience of the important points from the previous episode.

After the recap, the first half of the episode establishes that Inspector Yamamura and one of his men follow the blood that was tracked when the victim’s body was dragged to a nearby villa, which was built and owned by the victim. The man with Yamamura also reveals that the victim’s girlfriend was found in a closet inside, with the victim’s blood on her hands. The girlfriend claimed she drank some wine the previous night, and doesn’t remember anything until waking up and finding herself in a closet. She has a fear of dark, enclosed spaces, so didn’t get out until the police got there. The murder weapon was found in the trash at the villa.

Yamamura, of course, thinks he’s come up with the answer to the crime, that the girlfriend did it, then made up the story of drinking the wine and her fear of dark, enclosed places. He thinks she simply panicked and hid herself when the police arrived.

Conan, of course, has picked up on some clues on his own. He also questions why, if the girlfriend had blood on her hands, why there aren’t any bloody handprints on the body if she was the one who dragged it to that location. The first half of the episode ends with Conan using his stun dart on Yamamura, and I loved seeing how he fell against the tree. Conan makes the comment that, even though Wakasa-sensei is going to likely see him pulling off the dart and bowtie trick, he had to do it in order to get the case solved properly. And the smirk we see on Wakasa-sensei’s face as this sequence seems to confirm Conan’s suspicions that she would notice.

The second half of the episode starts with re-showing Conan knocking out Inspector Yamamura with the stun dart, so we get to see Yamamura’s humiliating fall for a second time. After the re-shown section, the rest of the second half sees Conan, through the voice-changing bowtie, reveal all of the deduction and evidence. The best part was how Conan got his teacher to demonstrate how the vehicle was moved in order to reveal the body that nobody thought was there because the back of the car had been parked in front of it (plus no one could see it because of the cardboard boxes that had to be placed on the side and rear windows). I liked the teacher’s surprise at the trick Conan (as Yamamura) is describing actually working.

After all the evidence is laid bare and it’s clear that Zenda-sensei is the guilty party, Ayumi doesn’t want to believe it. She had finally found the four-leaf clover that she had been looking for and wanted to give it to Zenda-sensei as a gift. Ayumi’s outburst convinces Zenda-sensei to admit to the crime, and she tells Ayumi not to give her the four-leaf clover for luck before she’s paid for her crime.

At the end of the episode, Ayumi decides to give the four-leaf clover to Wakasa-sensei. She says she’ll treasure it forever, but after Ayumi is out of sight, Wakasa-sensei releases the clover. The episode ends with Conan seeing what happens and having a very annoyed expression on his face. There’s definitely something mysterious about Wakasa-sensei, and I’m sure Conan is itching to figure out what her secret is. But, obviously, that will have to wait for another time. The preview for the next episode shows that it’s not connected with what we just saw, and it appears to be a single episode murder mystery. Hopefully, at some point sooner rather than later, the series will give us some more focus on Wakasa-sensei and start unraveling the mystery of who she is.

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