Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S: Episode 2 – “Hot Guy Kobayashi! (In Many Senses)”

The episode opens with Ilulu having a flashback to her childhood, which helps to establish her as a character, as well as the motivations for why she’s been behaving the way that she has. As we see, she was friendly with humans as a child, but after the humans destroyed the dragon city and killed her parents, she was taught to hate humans.

The first vignette in this episode follows up on what we saw during the previous episode, which was Ilulu using magic to turn Miss Kobayashi into a man. Not only did she gain a certain male appendage, she started thinking like man, too. Miss Kobayashi is trying to hide this fact from Tohru and Kanna, but she finds herself in situations where it’s hard for her to keep her distance from the other two, and this where a lot of the comedy in this vignette comes from. Fortunately, Miss Kobayashi discovers that the spell isn’t permanent, but Tohru tries to take advantage of the situation before the spell wears off… but things don’t go Tohru’s way. Since this franchise is a comedy, it was obvious that this plot point would be played off for laughs instead of being taken seriously… and I thought the comedy as it was portrayed in this section worked with the tone of the series. With that said, though, I personally didn’t find this first vignette to be funny. In fact, I was kind of uncomfortable about it. A few hours after I initially posted this writeup, I saw a thread on Twitter explaining how this vignette could be seen as transphobic, and I thought the Twitter users in the thread had valid points. This vignette was not one of the better moments in the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid franchise.

The second vignette is the longest of the three, and it’s much more serious in nature. Miss Kobayashi is trying to find Ilulu to try to talk to her again, and discovers that Ilulu is being hunted by Cremene, a dragon hunter from the Harmony Faction. Miss Kobayashi manages to help get Ilulu away from Cremene, and the two of them have a serious conversation. The two of them seem to be reaching an understanding when Cremene finds them and attacks Miss Kobayashi. But Cremene soon learns that this decision was a mistake when Tohru makes an appearance and is pissed off at the fact that he hurt Miss Kobayashi. I liked how what Tohru does takes place off screen, and it sounds like she’s killed him. But then she explains that no, she just taught him a lesson and sent him back to where he came from. But at this point, Ilulu decides she likes Miss Kobayashi and won’t leave her side, much to Tohru’s dismay. It’s pretty clear that Tohru is already jealous that Ilulu is trying to gain Miss Kobayashi’s attention, and this carries over into the third and final vignette.

Miss Kobayashi discovers that Ilulu is very unfamiliar with various aspects of the human world. Unfortunately, Miss Kobayashi has to go to work and asks Tohru to take charge of helping Ilulu adjust to the human world while she’s gone. One of the most amusing things in this vignette is what happens with Ilulu tries to transform her claws into hands. The hands that you see look round, but it turns out there’s mini hands inside the round balls at the end of her arms. Oh my!

I was glad to see that Ilulu was fleshed out as a character in this episode, and that a rivalry between Tohru and Ilulu is developing. Ilulu has the potential to add some interesting new dimensions to this series, and I’m curious to see how the story of this anime will continue to move forward over the coming weeks.

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