The episode opens with a woman surprising her fiance by taking him on a surprise trip to a villa that was gifted to them for their upcoming wedding. But it turns out the villa is one built and paid for by the man, and the woman reveals that she’s on to how he’s been scamming her, along with other women, out of their money. The scene ends with her stabbing him. At that point, I knew that this was going to be a story focusing on how Conan figures out the truth of what happened, rather than figuring out who the guilty party is, since the audience already knows the answer as to who killed the man.

We then see the Detective Boys, their teacher, and Wakasa-sensei on a train headed to Gunma prefecture. When they arrive, they are greeted by the woman who murdered her fiance at the beginning of the episode, and we learn that she is Zenda-sensei. It turns out she’s a teacher as well, but she has put in her resignation and helping Conan’s teacher on this trip is her last duty. She also plays up that she’s going to be getting married. We learn that the first and second graders at Teitan Elementary will be going on an outdoor trip soon, and that the Detective Boys and their teachers are here to check out the location ahead of time. I was glad to get this explanation, because prior to this, I was wondering why it was only the Detective Boys accompanying the teachers and not the whole class.

When they reach the location they’re scouting, Zenda-sensei suggests taking a commemorative photo in front of the car before they start investigating the area. This little detail becomes important a little later in the episode. After they’ve spent some time looking around, Genta complains about being thirsty. Zenda-sensei suggests having Ayumi help her get the drinks from her car. As they get them, Zenda-sensei claims that her earring has fallen by the front tire of the car and asks Ayumi to help her find it. As they do, the wind shifts, and the others smell something unusual. When they reach the source of the smell, it’s the body of Zenda-sensei’s finace.

Because this story is set in Gunma prefecture, we have to deal with Inspector Yamamura, who is probably the most annoying inspector that we’ve encountered in Case Closed. He’s rather pompous, but comes across as rather clueless at times. The sad thing is, he basically picks up on what happened right at the start, but doesn’t have the proof he needs to back it up. And since Yamamura has the reputation for being a boastful idiot, the Detective Boys don’t believe what he’s saying and believe Zenda-sensei as she declares her innocence. Remember how I mentioned the commemorative photo? It shows the group at the same spot, and it clearly shows that the tree by the car had nothing next to it. It’s obvious that there are marks from the body being dragged to this location, but the questions remains as to how Zenda-sensei could have gotten the body there in between the photo and coming to get the drinks, since she was with the group the whole time.

And during the investigation, Wakasa-sensei has a flashback about someone she knows, and the flashback hints that something unfortunate happened to this person. When she reacts, she reaches for her right eye. This doesn’t escape Conan’s notice, and he surmises that her right eye must be damaged.

Sure enough, this is going to be a case of Conan needing to piece everything together and revealing the truth. The preview for the next episode makes this clear, especially with one of the scenes that is used in it. This story will be concluded in the next episode. However, I do wonder if anything else will come out regarding Wakasa-sensei in next week’s episode.

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