Alpha Manga, a New Manga Comic App for Reading Original Japanese Manga, Is Now Available

AlphaPolis Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of its new manga comic app service for smartphones, Alpha Manga (, on July 7, 2021. The service is aimed at English-speaking users interested in reading English versions of its official manga series offered by the company’s online content service AlphaPolis.

What is Alpha Manga?

Alpha Manga is an app that allows users to read English versions of its original manga series currently offered by the company’s online content service AlphaPolis.

New manga content is released either weekly or monthly. The first three chapters are available free of charge. From the fourth chapter onwards, after the expiry of the free content period, further chapters will no longer be available for free; however, users can acquire in-app tickets and spend them to rent out new chapters. Users can also log in to the app and collect free bonus tickets to continue reading further chapters.

  • Up to 12 bonus tickets per user
  • In addition to the free bonus tickets, users may purchase an unlimited number of tickets
  • Rental period per chapter is 7 days (168 hours). Once the rental period expires, the content is no longer available; however, users can spend their tickets to rent the chapters out again
  • This is a separate service from the existing AlphaPolis service. Users cannot log in using their AlphaPolis account, so they will need to register as a new user on the app

Main Titles Offered

  • Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy
  • Gate: Where the JSDF Fought
  • Re: Monster
  • A Banished Odd-jobber Starts a New Life
  • Opening a CafĂ© in Another World
  • An Observation Log of My Fiancee Who Calls Herself a Villainess
  • May I Ask for One Final Thing?
  • And more…

More titles will be released in the future.

App Overview

App Name: Alpha Manga – Japanese Manga App
Content: Distribution of English versions of AlphaPolis Manga Comic
Language: English
Distribution Target: English-speaking users (excluding Europe)
Supported OS: iPhones running iOS14.0 or higher, iPads, and Android 6.0 or higher

AppStore Download Page:
Google Play Download Page:

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