Mill Creek Entertainment has announced that it will release the 1979 The Ultraman anime series on DVD on September 14, 2021, alongside a release of the 1980 Ultraman 80 live-action series on DVD.

The story of the series is described as:

In the 21st century, various mysterious events occur on Earth, causing monsters to appear all of a sudden. EGG3 officer Choichiro Hikari was scouted to join the Science Guard Party on Earth but while on his way back, he was bonded to Ultraman Joneus, an Ultra Person of U40 who was sent by his brethren to fight against the monster threats and alien invasions. This allows the youth to become an Ultraman against countless enemies while keeping his identity a secret from his fellow members.

The 50-episode The Ultraman anime aired in 1979-1980, and was the first animated series in the Ultraman franchise. Hisayuki Toriumi and Takeyuki Kanda directed the series at Sunrise (known then as Nippon Sunrise) and Tsuburaya Productions.

Source: ANN