Up-and-coming publisher Comikey Media has launched its platform, and has announced that it has licensed 10 manga series from Japanese publisher Shogakukan.

The 10 titles are:

  • Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting by Saizou Harawata and Kashiwa Miyako
  • Happy Harem Making with the Mightiest Orc! by Rui Tsukiyo, Takashi Tsukimi, and Sakura Miwabe
  • Reptile Secrets by Gujira
  • A Cursed Sword’s Daily Life by Nikiichi Tobita
  • I’m a Demon Lord. I Got Remarried to the Mother of a Hero, So She Became My Daughter-in-Law. by Kisetsu Morita and Muiko Ikuhashi
  • Killer in Love by Emma Akiyama
  • The Strongest Savior’s Second Chance by shiryu and Youkan Oota
  • Don’t XXX With Teachers! by Sabu Musha
  • Promise Cinderella by Oreco Tachibana
  • Killer Vamp by Hajime Bako

Comikey Media noted that for most licensed series they will focus on catching up with Japan’s latest chapter releases before officially kicking off the simulpub. Multiple chapters will be released each week.

Source: Crunchyroll