Manga Review: Undead Unluck Volume Two

Undead Unluck Volume Two dives deeper into the world that the characters inhabit in this series.

Undead Unluck Volume Two
Written by: Yoshifumi Tozuka
Publisher: Shueisha Inc.
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: July 6, 2021

The volume opens by continuing the fight between Gina and Andy that began at the end of the previous volume… but the fight concludes before the end of the first chapter. While the resolution came quickly, the impact of Gina’s death plays an important role on Fuuko as the story moves forward.

Shortly after this, both Andy and Fuuko are whisked away to Union’s headquarters, and this is the point where both Fuuko and the reader start learning more about Union, as well as the various concepts that make up the series. It starts with a talking book called “Apocalypse,” which gives Union quests to carry out. If they succeed in a mission, they get a reward… but if they don’t succeed, there are penalties. Why am I not surprised to find out that another name for the book called Apocalypse is “the book of revelations”? Union’s ultimately goal is to kill the creator, the being that lives on the other side of the book. But it’s at this point that we see the impact of Gina’s death starting to come through Fuuko, because Gina had hoped to change the system. Of course, Fuuko has no success with speaking out, but I get the feeling she’s going to continue fighting to change the system.

This volume focuses a lot on Shen, one of the members of Union. This includes introducing Andy and Fuuko, along with the audience, to Shen’s subordinate, Mui. A lot of focus is placed on Shen and developing his character, because he is assigned to accompany both Andy and Fuuko on a quest. Before they can start on their quest, they are attacked by a being called the Garment Uma, which latches onto a person’s body and transforms into the garments that the person most desires… but once the uma bewitches the wearer of the garments, all hell breaks loose. There’s an amusing sequence that happens here, especially when the being ends up on Andy. The being is offended by Andy’s desired undergarments and refers to it as a tall order. But Andy is able to turn the uma into his servant, and he ends up with clothes that are appropriate for a member of Union.

Fuuko, Andy, and Shen are given a mission to find a corpse wandering around the streets of New York. While the trio heads to the United States, they don’t go to New York right away. Instead, they go to an area in rural Nevada called Longing. According to the in-story universe, a lot of cowboy movies are filmed in the area. They are trying to find a uma called Spoil, who has the ability to turn people into zombies if they come within a certain range. At this point, most of the rest of the story takes place in Longing. If the trio is successful in this mission, the reward is supposed to be a clue that will help Andy to finally die.

When they make it to the town, there are a lot of zombies trying to keep them from coming in. But Andy has no problem plowing through them with the vehicle that he’s driving. But among the zombies, he finds one that hasn’t totally lost her mind. The woman says she’ll tell them where Spoil is if Andy marries her. Andy follows through, although there’s technically no minister around, so it’s not a legal marriage. But the almost zombie woman is satisfied with what Andy does for her that she fulfills her end of the bargain.

The remainder of the volume sees Andy and Shen fighting against Spoil. When it looks like Spoil is going to defeat our protagonists, Shen takes out the card that’s embedded in Andy’s forehead. I’d noticed this odd detail previously and had wondered why he had that card there. Well, it turns out this keeps Andy’s power in check. When the card is pulled, Andy goes through a transformation and obtains godly power. He also goes through a physical transformation, which reminded me suspiciously of the Super Saiyan powerup from the Dragon Ball franchise. The big difference, though, is that Andy’s hair changes from a light color to black. However, unlike Super Saiyan, Andy’s transformation changes him into a completely different person. Shen refers to him as a god named Vichtor, but the transformed Andy insists he’s a human named Victor. In this form, though, he is a threat to Fuuko. This wasn’t a twist that I saw coming. And the volume ends without this issue being resolved.

One thing I was happy to see was that Andy wasn’t groping at Fuuko like he did in the previous volume. In fact, I can’t remember a single instance of that happening. I’m glad to see that this doesn’t appear to be a running gag that will span over the entire series.

And I have to say that the tone of this series took a slight change in direction that I hadn’t been expecting. The first volume felt like it was setting the story up to be a comedy with some supernatural elements. While there was still some humor in this volume, it felt like it had been dialed back quite a bit to make room for a slightly darker tone.

After being unsure about Undead Unluck after reading the first volume, I’m glad I gave the second volume a chance. I found myself genuinely becoming interested in what was happening to Fuuko and Andy, and the ending of the volume really makes me want to read Volume Three in order to find out what’s going to happen next.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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