Fruits Basket The Final Season: Episode 13 – “See You Again Soon”

The episode opens with Kyo and Tohru going on a date to a zoo, with Hanajima and Uotani tagging along as chaperones. Hanajima and Uotani are teasing Kyo and giving him a hard time about the location for the date… until Tohru speaks up and says it was her idea. At one point, Tohru goes to the bathroom, and Uotani and Hanajima talk to Kyo about him taking Tohru away. But, as the only real people Tohru has around as family, they give their blessing to Kyo.

We also get to see Yuki talking with Manabe, and the audience learns that Yuki has decided to go to a college that’s far away from where the series is set. Machi shows up, and she has no problem punching Manabe in the face when he says something that annoys her. A little later, we get a scene of just Yuki and Machi together, and it’s when Yuki gives Machi a key to his new place. Their interaction here is sweet, and this starts the ball rolling for seeing characters getting ready to see Tohru and Kyo off.

There’s a brief mention of graduation, and then the remainder of the episode focuses on various characters. In many of these scenes, we not only get to see their reactions to Kyo and Tohru’s departure, but we also get hints as to what the future holds for them. And it’s also established through dialogue between Kisa and Hiro that Shigure’s house will soon be empty (Kyo and Tohru are leaving together, Yuki is heading away to college, and it’s assumed that Shigure is moving back to the main Soma estate to be with Akito).

But one of the most important scenes that takes place here is Yuki having a private conversation with Tohru, and finally admitting to her that he’s viewed her as a mother. And something Yuki says here reinforces a comment that Kyo had made to Tohru earlier in the episode. And there was a nice touch at the end of this scene… when Yuki calls Tohru by her first name for the first time.

I should mention that throughout the episode, there are flashbacks that various characters have of various events that happened throughout the series. It really hit me when I saw the flashbacks from the very early episodes of the series just how much Tohru, along with the other characters, actually looked like they had changed and matured over two years’ time. It’s been readily apparent with some of the characters, such as Momiji, but it wasn’t as easily noticeable for Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki. The three of them just looked so little in those earlier scenes, and it helped to visually solidify the time that has elapsed, as well as the maturing that the characters have gone through over the three seasons of the series.

The final scene is a time skip to the future, at a point where Tohru and Kyo are now grandparents. We see their granddaughter, who is holding a stuffed cat and a stuffed rat toy in each hand, looking for her grandparents. Not only is this scene a great way to show the audience that Tohru and Kyo are still together after all these years, the appearance of the girl’s father is a reference to Fruits Basket Another, the sequel manga series for Fruits Basket.

Even though it can be argued that this episode wasn’t entirely necessary and feels more like an epilogue, I appreciated being able to see what the future holds for Kyo and Tohru, as well as getting hints and ideas of what the future may bring to the other characters the audience has come to know throughout the series.

I still can’t believe that this Fruits Basket reboot anime is now over. It has been a part of my life for two years, and I can truly say that I will miss watching this series. But it has recently been announced that a spin-off anime of some kind, which will feature the backstory for Tohru’s parents, is in the works and is expected to premiere in 2022. Not only do we have an explanation as to why this never appeared in the main Fruits Basket anime, but this news also gives fans of Fruits Basket something to look forward to next year.

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