Case Closed: Episode 1010 – “The Idol Whose Smile Disappeared”

The episode opens with a blond-haired woman in sunglasses dining and dashing at the family restaurant, Danny’s. We then get a police officer coming to see Kogoro and introduce himself as the new police officer at the local police box. Kogoro was drinking prior to the officer’s arrival, but is cognizant long enough for the man’s introduction and for the story that he shares. Apparently, when he went to investigate the dine and dash, the woman and her mother had arrived prior to him, with the mother saying her daughter forgot her wallet and panicked. The mother pays for the parfait. One thing that stood out to this officer is that the waitress at the restaurant said the woman who dined and dashed in the restaurant seemed to be different than the one who returned. The waitress points out that when the woman was there eating her parfait, he smile looked an awful lot like a famous idol.

But, it turns out this story is similar to one this officer experienced three months earlier at the previous police box he worked at. A blond woman dined and dashed at a ramen restaurant, but again, arrived right before the officer got there… but this time, with her older sister. Again, it was the story of the blond woman panicking because she forgot her wallet. The officer asks for Kogoro’s help to crack this case. Kogoro has fallen asleep because he’s drunk, but the officer thinks he’s already in “Sleeping Kogoro” mode and is cracking the case. Conan realizes what’s going on, and uses the bowtie to make his voice sound like Kogoro’s. Just then, Ran enters, saying she saw the idol at Beika Park while she was walking home from school. This spurs the officer to share his theories about the case, with Conan listening in.

However, after asking Ran a question regarding the idol and her assistants’ shoes, Conan starts to disprove one of the officer’s theories. When Conan starts to disprove a second theory, the police officer reveals himself to be a hardcore fan of the idol. But after talking him down, the officer realizes that what Conan (disguising his voice as Kogoro) is likely on the right track.

To be honest, I didn’t think this was one of the better Case Closed episodes. There wasn’t truly a mystery here per se, it was more about this police officer sharing his thoughts on the situation. What little “mystery” there was could easily be figured out by the audience before Conan starts disproving this officer’s theories about the situation. For me, at least, a series like Case Closed is stronger when there’s a real mystery being told, and the audience is trying to figure it out alongside the characters. And this episode simply didn’t do this. After I finished watching it, I thought it was just of “meh.”

But next week’s episode looks a lot more interesting. It’s the first part of a multiple-part story, which is going to have a focus on the assistant teacher in the Detective Boys’ classroom. With the focus being on this particular character, I feel safe in saying that this is going to be a canon storyline from the manga that could potentially help advance the overarching plot. I’m looking forward to it.

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