Case Closed: Episode 1009 – “The Lost Article That Smells Like a Case”

This is a mystery featuring the Detective Boys, but Ai is not with the group. Not only that, but her absence is never explained during this episode. It’s just a little strange that some of these more recent Detective Boys stories don’t include Ai or acknowledge her existence.

Anyway, the episode opens with Ayumi showing Conan and the others where she found a bracelet. Conan quickly notices a couple of things out of the ordinary in that location (a tire track and some blood). The others don’t notice, and Conan chooses not to tell them. Examining the bracelet closely, they notice there’s a garnet in it. By seeing that, they decide it must be an expensive bracelet and start asking jewelry stores in the area if they sell it. It’s interesting to note that there are initials inscribed on the back of the bracelet, but this fact isn’t even mentioned until they start asking around at the various stores. Wouldn’t you think they would have noticed this a little earlier?

At first, the stores are unable to provide any help. But just when the Detective Boys think they’ve hit a dead end, one of the jewelry store employees they talked to earlier finds them. Apparently, he talked with some co-workers and discovered they had sold the bracelet and has the name and address of the person who bought it (and the person’s initials match the initials inscribed on the back of it). The employee says that since they already have the bracelet, that they should be the ones to to return it to the owner. I don’t know, but this just feels a little too convenient. This employee is asking kids that he really doesn’t know to return a lost item to a customer. It makes the employees of this store come off as lazy. Maybe if the employee had said something like he’d do it himself, but he’s too busy at the store to take care of this, I might buy this a little better.

The Detective Boys go to the address that they’re provided, and talk to Risa, the sister of the bracelet’s owner. Conan picks up on the fact that she’s being evasive in her answers, and he also notices a couple of important details while looking inside the doorway. But what he sees here isn’t as obvious to the viewer until he explains them later. Ayumi also mentions liking the smells of Risa’s perfume. This seemed kind of weird to include, but this becomes important later in the episode.

After the Detective Boys leave, Conan comes up with an excuse to part from the group (that Ran asked him to run an errand), so he can investigate Risa. Unfortunately, as he follows her, the Detective Boys catch him in the act. In the process of arguing with Conan, he loses sight of Risa. There were two locations she could go to, and Conan goes to one while the Detective Boys go to the other.

As expected, they are able to piece together what happened and that Risa is in danger with they exchange notes, and Conan stresses to the other three to wait for him and not to do anything on their own. But do they listen? Of course not. They act recklessly and put themselves into unnecessary danger. It’s up to Conan to come in at the last minute and save the day.

There was a decent idea for a case here, but the setup for getting the Detective Boys involved felt a little forced. But I do think that a simple explanation or two had been provided that I would have had an easier time accepting how Conan and the others discover the mystery surrounding the owner of the bracelet. While this isn’t the worst Detective Boys episode I’ve ever seen (“Intrigue at Smile Village,” anyone?), it’s not quite among the best episodes featuring these characters, either.

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