Fruits Basket The Final Season: Episode 11 – “Goodbye”

The episode starts out with the final scene from the previous episode, except it’s from Tohru’s perspective instead of Kyo’s. Since it’s through her perspective, the audience gets to hear her thought processes, as well events that took place while she was still recovering in the hospital. Poor Tohru thinks that Kyo is mad at her, and she doesn’t want to do anything more to upset him. We also get to see her trying hard not to shed tears whenever she hears Kyo’s name, but her go-to tactic of smiling to try to hide her sadness just isn’t working anymore. I thought this was a nice touch of character development for Tohru.

When Kyo finally catches up to Tohru, there’s a wonderful scene of these two characters laying their feelings bare and finally admitting that they love the other one. And when they two of them draw into an embrace, something unexpected happens… Kyo doesn’t change into a cat, even though they embrace for quite some time.

We then see Akito in her room, mulling over what has transpired over recent episodes. As part of her musings, though, we also finally get to hear the entirety of the story of God and the zodiac members, and why the cat has been shunned for so long. We also learn that in the story, God was a lonely person living by themselves up on a hill, and how a cat became the first person to befriend them. After sending out many invitations to the outside world, the other 12 animals that we know from the zodiac show up, and everyone has a regularly recurring banquet. But, we learn that everything changes when they discover that the cat is dying, and how God created the eternal bonds so they can continue to have banquets and be together after they die and are reborn. The cat, however, wasn’t happy about being forced to drink the sake that would make this happen, because the cat didn’t long for eternity. God and the other animals thought the cat was rebuking them and were offended, hence why the cat was left out of the zodiac. I thought it was great to finally hear the entirety of the story, instead of the small part the audience has known since the beginning.

And then, we see Akito releasing everyone from the curse, and the reactions that each of the characters have as they realize the bond has been broken. Not surprisingly, Shigure and Hattori have more subdued reactions compared to the other characters, since this fits into their respective characters. But the best part was seeing Kyo ripping off the bracelet that he’s worn for so long, and Tohru’s reaction as she watches the beads fall to the ground.

Before this episode aired, a big deal was made that Hiroshi Kamiya would be providing the voice of God. As the story of the zodiac was being told, I thought that at some point the audience would hear God speak… but we never heard God’s voice. The first time we hear God is the final line right before the ending credits. I found myself thinking, “There was all this buzz over one line?” But then, after the ending credits, there was a post credits section, which was narrated entirely by Hiroshi Kamiya. Post credit scenes usually aren’t a thing in Fruits Basket, so I wasn’t expecting it. But I was happy to see Kyo and Tohru going to see Kazuma and revealing that the curse has broken. The final scene, though, when Tohru and Kyo go to visit Akito, sees Akito pulling Tohru in and leaving Kyo outside. We then see that inside the room, Akito has drawn Tohru into a hug. I thought this was a great note to end the episode on.

However, one thing I was disappointed in was the fact that there was one character we didn’t see react to their curse breaking: Yuki. Last we saw, he was running off to meet up with Machi, and we saw nothing more. I hope we get to see Yuki’s reaction to his curse breaking in next week’s episode.

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