Case Closed: Episode 1008 – “Out For Revenge (Part Two)”

The recap did a great job of summarizing the story so the viewer’s memory can be refreshed before continuing on. But, right before going to the opening credits, a new scene appears, which shows that the body of Komoto Takahashi, who had been carrying out the revenge murders and had fallen from a great height, has been found at a location that is being developed.

This development becomes important, because after the autopsy, the cause of death and time of death are determined to be when he fell while trying to carry out his revenge with Miyako, the female of the four friends who had swindled Komoto out of a large sum of money a decade earlier. With this information, it’s realized that there’s no way that Komoto could have murdered Miyako at the end of the previous episode. Kogoro comes up with the theory that a “Mr. X” is serving as an accomplice and is carrying out Komoto’s will for revenge. While Conan thinks this could be a sound deduction out of Kogoro for once, he still has his doubts.

Fuyuki, the last of the four friends, gets another phone call, this time from “Mr. X,” saying he’ll accept a payment from Fuyuki to spare his life. Conan thinks this rather odd for “Mr. X” to do, and he starts his own investigation. He goes to see the couple that had been at the outdoor location Miyako had been at and where Komoto had fallen to his death, in order to follow up on a detail they had mentioned before (that they had seen someone fishing down below at the time Komoto fell, but had disappeared by the time they had gotten down to the bottom). This couple had no idea who the man was, but another couple are able to identify him. This gives Conan some important information to follow up on. However, as I watched this sequence, I wondered how Conan knew where these people lived. I would have assumed that the police questioned these people as witnesses at the crime scene. Perhaps they gave their address to the police in case more questions needed to be asked? But that would have been given to the police, not to Conan. Maybe Conan overheard the information and memorized it? While this couple helped lead to some important information, I wish it had been explained (albeit briefly) how Conan knew how to contact them.

Ultimately, this leads Conan to a man who works at a nearby hospital, and with the information he gathers, he’s able to deduce the truth. In order to reveal that truth, Conan uses his typical stunt of gathering everyone together, saying that Kogoro wanted them to get together. And when Kogoro gets there, Conan once again uses his dart gun watch and voice-changing bowtie in order for “Kogoro” to reveal everything.

Overall, this was an enjoyable enough murder mystery, and I also appreciated the twist where it was revealed that Komoto couldn’t have carried out Miyako’s killing. It now makes sense why the preview for this week’s episode didn’t make a lot of sense. Without that piece of information, it would have been difficult to put together a preview without referencing the twist that hadn’t been revealed yet. But from the preview for next week’s episode, it looks like we’re getting another Detective Boys story. I hope that this will be one of the better episodes to feature the Detective Boys.

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