Fruits Basket The Final Season: Episode 10 – “I Just Love Her”

While there’s a lot of drama and important events that unfold here, there’s enough levity sprinkled throughout the episode to help balance things out. There’s also a few scenes of various characters reflecting on themselves and looking inward, and we can hear their inner monologues. It sounds lazy, but these scenes complement what’s happening between the various characters, because they were done in a way that they help the audience to better understand what these characters are feeling.

Arisa and Hanajima go to visit Tohru at the hospital, and they run into Akito leaving Tohru’s room. Akito finally gets to meet the two of them and talk with them. At first, Akito talks about Tohru and blaming herself for what happened, but Hanajima says that Tohru doesn’t blame her. Akito then tells Arisa that Kureno is also a patient at the hospital because Akito stabbed him. Hanajima picks up on the fact that Akito is really a girl, and I think this helped to change Arisa’s reaction to Akito admitting to stabbing Kureno. Now knowing that Akito is a girl and remembering what Kureno had said the last time Arisa saw him, Arisa grabs Akito into a hug instead doing something violent. In this scene, I really appreciated how Hanajima was calm the whole time, and I think her presence and her demeanor helped to affect Arisa’s reaction as well.

Arisa goes to see Kureno, and there’s a great scene here between the two of them. When Kureno says he has one more thing to do for Akito, which is to get out of her sight, Arisa says she doesn’t care where he goes… she just wants to be with him wherever he goes. Admittedly, their age difference does still bother me to some extent, even I have to admit that they’re an adorable couple.

It’s also established in this episode that Kyo has run away and hasn’t visited Tohru in the hospital at all. When the day arrives for Tohru to be discharged, Yuki and Shigure return to find Hatsuharu sitting in their house. He got in because the door was unlocked. At first, they think Shigure left the door unlocked, but then Shigure hears a noise from upstairs and realizes that Kyo is around. Yuki goes to confront Kyo, and we get a good juxtaposition between Yuki and Kyo upstairs, and Hatsuharu and Shigure downstairs. During the confrontation, Yuki becomes very angry… we’ve never seen him get this angry before, and whoa, that’s a sight to behold. Not only is Yuki angry, but he throws a lot of truth bombs out to Kyo as well, as his way of giving him a “pep talk.” While this is going on, Shigure keeps moaning about what’s going on upstairs, while Hatsuharu asks if he can order pizza, and later if he can add nuggets to the order. It’s obvious Shigure isn’t even listening to him, and these moments of levity help to lighten the mood somewhat with all of the drama that’s going on upstairs.

But Yuki’s truth bombs hit Kyo in a way where he realizes what he needs to do. He heads to Soma estate to go see his father, who, as usual, is drinking and is already drunk. Kyo’s father eggs Kyo into a confrontation. But Kyo calmly takes responsibility for his mother’s death, and his father tells a servant to go to the main house and have someone come get Kyo and lock him away for his “crime.” But as Kyo’s father starts hurling insults, Kyo starts remembering flashbacks from his childhood of his father berating his mother with similar, if not the exact same, things his father is saying now. What really hits him is when his father, in current time, says he doesn’t want to ever see either of them again. Kyo realizes that it was his father’s yelling and disparaging of his mother and him that caused his mother to commit suicide. I was so sure that Kyo was going to punch his father in the face, and in some respects, I was kind of rooting for that. But, Kyo displays how much he’s evolved as a character. Instead of resorting to violence, he just calmly tells his father that he’ll come back again. At this point, I think Kyo has come to realize that his father is simply a paranoid and abusive drunk and really doesn’t pose a threat to him.

After this, there’s a scene where Akito and her servant are talking. The servant asks if they should heed Kyo’s father’s demand, and Akito says no, she’ll handle it. She has something to say to Kyo’s father: that Kyo is free and that the shed is going to be destroyed. The servant (who is the older, bitchy woman I’ve complained about in the past), starts lamenting how easy young people have it when it comes to change. The servant says she’s built her life into what it is now over the last 40-60 years, and that she can’t change easily. Akito tells her she can stay where she is, and that she isn’t expected to change. This may sound mean, but I didn’t really feel any sympathy for the servant during this scene. She’s been such an unlikable character for so long, and has done nothing to redeem herself… unlike Akito.

There’s also a brief scene between Kisa and Hiro, with Kisa thanking Hiro for letting her be the first one to find out his curse has broken. He asks her if she has any regrets being with someone who is free of the curse. I like how Kisa turned this around, and asked him if he was ashamed to be around someone who is still cursed. I could tell this made Hiro think a little. Kisa has always had a way of helping Hiro see things from a different perspective.

Yuki is alone, lost in his thoughts, when his cell phone rings. It’s Machi, saying she has something to give him. He asks where she is, and tells her to stay there because he wants to see her right now. We see Yuki sprinting out the door as Hatsuharu is enjoying the pizza that he ordered earlier. I expected that Yuki will make a confession to Machi when he sees her, since Yuki bolts out toward the end of the episode and we don’t see what happens between the two of them.

In the final scene, Kyo is wandering and comes across the hospital… just as Tohru is heading out the door. He realizes that he truly does love her… but when Tohru sees him, she gets tears in her eyes and suddenly runs away. The episode ends with Kyo running after her.

This was another great episode of Fruits Basket, and a lot of character progression took place over the course of roughly 20 minutes. I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen in the next episode.

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