Case Closed: Episode 1007 – “Out For Revenge (Part One)”

The episode opens with Inspector Megure, Takagi, and Chiba investigating a murder scene, where a man was stabbed to death while walking home. As Megure is giving orders, he suddenly stops and quickly looks around. When he’s asked what’s wrong, Megure responds that he thought “he” would show up to the investigation. The “he” here definitely refers to Kogoro. I found Megure’s reaction here kind of amusing, because Kogoro and Conan have definitely developed a reputation for suddenly showing up at investigations or being at the crime scene when the crime happens.

The next scene sees the three of them outside of a building, where an acquaintance of the deceased lives. And lo and behold, who should show up but Kogoro and Conan. Apparently, they heard about the case on the news and then happened to stumble upon Megure and the others in the middle of their investigation. So of course, Kogoro and Conan end up tagging along as Megure and the others go to question the acquaintance.

When they meet with the acquaintance, it turns out he has two visitors with him. All three of these individuals give off a cold and snooty demeanor, and they act and respond evasively when Megure tries to ask them if the victim would have anyone who would have a grudge against him. The three of them just smile smugly and start laughing, saying that there’s no such person. I was disgusted with these characters when I saw them react this way while being questioned in connection to a murder case. But this reaction helped to establish that these characters were despicable people.

The next day, the acquaintance of the man who had been murdered is found dead in his home when Kogoro and Conan try to visit with him again. His manner of death is the same as the man who was initially murdered at the beginning of the episode. So the acquaintance’s two visitors are summoned and informed of the man’s death, and then are asked point blank to tell the police the truth. They admit that 10 years ago, the two of them, as well as the two deceased men, tricked a rich friend out of money. When the rich friend found out he’d been deceived, he left Japan and moved to South America.

With this information, the police discover that the rich friend returned to Japan a week earlier, and they found out what hotel he had been staying at. They were able to get a picture, as well as learn from the hotel staff that the man told them that he didn’t have much longer to live. Chiba and Takagi are assigned as bodyguards to protect the remaining two characters who have tricked the rich man. Unfortunately, Chiba is distracted at the suspect tries to attack the character he’s guarding when they go to an outdoor location, but the suspect falls from a height where just about everyone thinks would have been impossible to survive. However, no body is located when they search the water below. Considering this is a two-part episode, I already knew the suspect had to have somehow survived. I just had no idea how.

The two remaining swindlers believe the suspect is dead, and they gloat to each other about having the “devil’s luck.” Well, two days later, the character Chiba had been protecting is found dead in her home, with the cause of death being exactly the same as the other two victims. A cigarette lighter with the killer’s initials are found at the scene, and the fingerprints on it match the fingerprints they had gotten earlier from items the suspect had used at the hotel.

Megure, Takagi, Chiba, Kogoro, and Conan meet with the remaining swindler and tell him about the murder of the other character. Takagi shares more information he’s received that help to explain the suspect’s motivation, and it turns out his desire for revenge is for more than just being cheated out of money by people he had considered to be friends. Just then, the final swindler gets a call from the suspect, and the swindler starts begging for the suspect to spare his life and offers him more money than he had been swindled out of. Not surprisingly, the suspect sneers at the swindler that all he cares about his money. I have to agree that the swindler’s reaction to all of this is despicable, especially after learning more about the suspect’s motivations.

The actual mystery of who committed the murders and the motivation for the suspect are revealed near the halfway point of the episode, so the mystery becomes trying to track down the suspect in order to prevent him from killing the remaining swindler. The preview for the next episode seems to hint at some kind of a revelation or plot point that hasn’t been revealed yet, which made it a little hard for me to understand what the preview was referring to and how it connects with what we saw in the episode. Oh well. Hopefully this storyline will end in a satisfactory manner.

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