Fruits Basket The Final Season: Episode 9 – “What’s Your Name?”

Just. Wow.

As we saw at the end of the previous episode, Yuki runs off after Kyo, leaving Tohru alone at Shigure’s house. Akito, armed with the knife, appears in front of Tohru. During the confrontation between these two, Tohru finally realizes from what Akito is saying that they actually understand what the other is feeling better than either one has realized… they were both afraid of being left behind (Akito being left behind by the Zodiac members, and Tohru being left behind by her mother). Tohru tries to reach out, and the first couple of times, Akito slashes Tohru’s arm with the knife. But then, Tohru’s words start to reach Akito, which causes Akito to run off. Tohru follows and catches up to her… which is on a cliff. Just as Akito and Tohru come to an understanding and work on building on that understanding, the cliff underneath Tohru crumbles… and Tohru falls all the way down… with Akito looking on in horror.

As this is going on, Yuki runs into Shigure, who is returning after a night of drinking with author friends. They, along with Kyo, suddenly hear Akito screaming for help. Yuki and Shigure reach Akito first, and after Akito clearly explains what happened, Yuki runs off to call an ambulance and find Tohru. I was glad to see Shigure ask Akito point blank if she had pushed Tohru off the cliff. After what happened with Rin, that would realistically be Shigure’s first thought.

When Yuki finds Tohru, I swear I saw in the background the remnants of Tohru’s tent from the first episode. If so, this was a wonderful tie back to a line of dialogue from the first episode about how the ground caves easily in the area where she placed her tent. I thought this was a nice touch. Kyo approaches Yuki and Tohru, and there’s a touching scene here between Kyo and Tohru here, and we see Kyo finally acting on his feelings for her.

With Tohru now in the hospital, the remaining focus of the episode is on Akito. During a conversation outside the hospital with Momiji, we see that Akito hasn’t entirely changed yet, but that she is beginning some kind of a transformation. During this scene, we also see intercutting of a scene of Akito visiting Kureno in the hospital as we hear Akito’s thoughts. It was interesting to see Momiji with a very serious look on his face for most of this conversation, but then softens it at the end of the scene. While the hurt that was caused by Akito isn’t going to go away for any of the characters, Momiji is at least willing to take the first step toward forgiveness.

There’s also a scene of Shigure and Hattori looking in on Akito, and the two of them talking about the change in Akito’s demeanor. Hattori asks Shigure if everything went according to his plan. Shigure’s response is that he guesses it did, but that he is feeling a little remorseful about parts of it. So it sounds like Shigure’s plan was using Tohru to help Akito, and from the scene we see of Akito visiting Tohru at the hospital, it seems like Shigure may be correct in his assessment.

While overall, this episode may not have been quite as intense as the previous couple had been (with the main exception being the confrontation between Akito and Tohru at the beginning of the episode), it was still emotionally gripping. At this point, it seems like the height of the drama has now been reached, and the remaining episodes will likely focus on the aftermath of the events that took place in this episode. And with what happens here, it’s being made clear that the story is almost over.

I can’t believe that Fruits Basket is almost over, but I’m looking forward to watching the remaining episodes and finding out how the story comes to an end.

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