futekiya Boys’ Love Manga Service Adds Four Tokyomangasha Titles

Fantasista, Inc.’s futekiya boys’ love manga subscription service announced during the Anime North: Stay at Home Edition 2021 virtual event that it will add four new titles from Tokyomangasha.

Title: Mods
Creator: Kazuki Natsume
Summary: When his sister gets scammed, Tora takes it upon himself to save up enough to make the money she’d lost back. Responding to an ad looking for a “hotel pick-up driver” leads him into gay escort service “Rain,” where he gets assigned to Shiro, their biggest moneymaker. Tora says he isn’t gay and definitely isn’t interested in Shiro’s services, but can he really knock it when he hasn’t even tried it?

Title: Nights Before Night
Creator: Kazuki Natsume
Summary: It’s been a long time since Haru, owner of the gay escort service “Rain,” left his yakuza days behind. But when the Ichijo clan, the group he had once belonged to, says he’s the only civilian they can trust to hide the clan head’s troublemaking son Yukitaka in line, there seems to be no choice for him but to follow suit. There’s just one problem, though – Yukitaka looks just like his half-brother Shigure, Haru’s lost love. A must-read for Mods fans.

Title: I Hate
Creator: Kazuki Natsume
Summary: 27-year-old Nozomi Hirose has dated girls before, but he’s never even been able to kiss any of them. He puts all the blame for his little problem on his old high school classmate Kiriya, who randomly asked if they can be kissing buddies – friends who kiss sometimes. What happens when they meet again as adults, 10 years after Hirose ran out on a kiss that went on for way too long?

Title: By My Side
Creator: Kazuki Natsume
Summary: Kei and Chiyo have been each other’s best bros for the past 10 years, and now they’re living in neighboring apartments as adults. Chiyo thinks that after spending most of their lives together, he knows everything there is to his friend… until he walks in on Kei, moaning his name in the dark.

The company will announce release dates for the volumes at a later time.

Source: ANN

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