Fruits Basket The Final Season: Episode 8 – “I’m Disappointed in You”

This is another week where at the end of the episode, I feel as if I have to stop and catch my breath. The intensity level of the drama has yet to subside, and from this week’s cliffhanger, it looks like it could more intense before all is said and done.

The episode opens with the final scene of the previous episode, with Tohru saying she needs to tell Kyo something. But then, we continue, with Kyo asking Tohru a question: “Do you love me?” She doesn’t say anything, but Kyo can tell by the look on her face and her reaction that she does. Kyo feels conflicted and runs out of the house into the pouring rain, with Tohru right behind him. She stops him, and the two of them stand in the pouring rain. Kyo starts telling Tohru everything… about how his mother died, how he met Kyoko as a child and their interactions, and admitting that he had been there when Kyoko was killed and could have done something but was too afraid to because it would reveal he wasn’t human.

From that description, it almost makes it sound like the episode was boring… but it wasn’t. The flashbacks add a lot of weight to what’s going on. We also get to see how Kyo was actually there when Tohru disappeared as a child, and how he had promised to find her. But as we know, Yuki was the one who found her and led her home. When Kyoko finds Kyo to tell him that she was found, she’s holding the blue cap. When Kyo explains to Kyoko about the hat and how Yuki was such a “bad” person, Kyoko was trying to talk to him and try to explain to a child about how life isn’t so black and white that there’s a “good guy” and a “bad guy.” But Kyo felt betrayed by Kyoko and ran away, vowing to never see her again. The next time he saw her was the day of the accident, and we get to see how he reacted afterward. It was actually Kyoko’s death and his reaction to it that caused Shisho to take Kyo into the mountains. Which, as we know, was where he was right before the beginning of the series. And then to realize that Tohru was also living in the house when he arrived…

I thought it was very effective that throughout this section of the episode, we don’t get to see Tohru’s face. This created a lot of suspense for the viewer, because it was just unclear what she would do. But when she finally does react, Kyo is surprised. So surprised, in fact, that he runs off. Prior to this, though, Yuki sees out the window that this conversation is going on, and when he gets to where they are, he overhears the final bit of it before Kyo runs off. Yuki goes after him, but not before he tells Tohru to get back in the house because she’ll catch cold from being out in the rain.

But the cliffhanger that happens when Tohru is left alone… yikes! Next week can’t come soon enough!

This episode, though… the emotions were so raw, especially for Kyo. But what really got me was Tohru’s reaction to everything and how her emotions were going. In fact, Tohru almost made me cry again.

I can’t believe there’s only five more episodes left of the series. Just how much more intense is this going to get before it ends? Even though it’s been so intense, I am hooked and want to see how the rest of this story plays out. Like I said just a little earlier, next week can’t come soon enough.

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