Case Closed: Episode 1006 – “Who Poisoned the Victim?”

When I saw this title, I was thinking, “Couldn’t the writers have come up with a better title than this?” Yes, the title describes the mystery perfectly, but it just feels a little too “on the nose” and not terribly creative.

For the story itself, Kogoro is hired by Kobayakawa, an assistant for Sasano, the head of Sasano Finance. The assistant shows a death threat he had received, and wants Kogoro to investigate at an upcoming party. Kogoro, along with Conan and Ran, attend the party. There are three potential suspects, and all three act suspiciously. Sasano is poisoned, but it’s quickly revealed that it really wasn’t Sasano… it was Kobayakawa, who was posing as Sasano. Since the two men had similar features, they were able to pull off the switch without anyone noticing.

So now Kogoro is investigating the murder that took place at the party. It also comes out that a young woman helping out at the party is actually the daughter of a man who had committed suicide after dealing with Sasano Finance’s aggressive collection policy. With this revelation, she is added to the list of potential suspects.

It turns out that cameras were used during the party, and they start watching footage that was shot by the camera. But thanks to various things Conan overheard during the party, he is able to figure out who the guilty party was. Once again, he uses the “Sleeping Kogoro” trick to reveal the true culprit.

Last week, when I saw that this would be a single episode murder mystery, I didn’t have my hopes up for a good episode. However, this episode provided a couple of twists to help make it a little harder at first to guess who the true culprit was. But when Conan makes his deduction and shares it with everyone else, it was interesting to see what happens when he finally narrows it down to who it had to be due to process of elimination. While this murder mystery may not have been as interesting as the three-part episode that just finished last week, it was one of the better single episode murder mysteries I’ve seen in Case Closed for a while.

There wasn’t a preview for another episode at the end of this one, so I’m guessing there won’t be a new episode of Case Closed next week. So I don’t have any idea when the next episode will air, and I don’t have any idea of what the episode is going to be about when it does air. Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait.

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