Fruits Basket The Final Season: Episode 6 – “It Was So Foolish”

After having a couple of strong episodes that didn’t focus on Tohru, this week’s episode completely focuses on her… and it was emotionally INTENSE. While I had been close to tears after watching the previous two episodes, this one finally broke me… and I was shedding tears.

It begins when Tohru overhears Shigure talking to Rin. He tells Rin that Ren lied about knowing how to break the curse, and that Shigure feels in his gut that the curse is breaking on its own because this is the first time that all of the zodiac members have been alive at the same time. Shigure also reveals to Rin that Kureno’s curse is already broken. But the important part here is that Tohru overhears Shigure telling Rin that he feels the curse will break “eventually.” Tohru makes her presence known by blurting out that “eventually” isn’t good enough, that it has to be by next spring. When she makes it clear that she wants to save Kyo, Shigure tells her that Kyo’s future is still certain, because he’s more of a monster than the rest. The animators gave Shigure an expression of almost pure malice when he says these words. But Tohru doesn’t let this deter her. On her way home, Tohru stops in the middle of the street and starts crying. Kyo finds her and asks her what’s wrong. She only says that she doesn’t know what to do. Kyo tries to offer advice, but he does it in the awkward way that we expect. But it was a good moment between these two characters.

Later, Tohru is remembering when her grandfather helped her move out of the apartment she lived in with her mother. We learn that at that time, Tohru vowed to always keep her mother in her heart, because with the packing up, she was already feeling like her mother was slipping away. But now that she realizes her feelings for Kyo and wanting to break the curse, she’s afraid that she’s going to have to let go of her mother in her heart and replacing her with Kyo.

The anniversary of Kyoko’s death is coming up, and Yuki asks if he can join Tohru on her trip to the cemetery. Tohru agrees, but Kyo says he’s unable to join her. However, we see a little later that he goes to pay this respects to Kyoko, and finds Tohru’s grandfather sitting there. The two have a conversation, with Tohru’s grandfather explaining why Tohru talks the way she does. It started out with Tohru, when she was child at her father’s funeral, overhearing some cruel things some of the other relatives were saying. As he talks to Kyo, he admonishes those relatives because he knows that children understand what’s being said… and this triggers a memory in Kyo of his father yelling at him when he was a child. But after the funeral, Tohru could see that her mother was wasting away and was afraid that Kyoko would leave her, too… so in her young mind, she was trying to find a way to cheer up her mother and keep her alive. Talking like her father was what she came up with, and it worked.

Oh, I should also mention here that at the beginning of the conversation, Tohru’s grandfather refers to her as Kyoko but then corrects himself to say Tohru. When Kyo asks about this, Tohru’s grandfather said he started referring to Tohru as Kyoko at the time he was helping her move out of the apartment, because he could tell how sad Tohru was and thought it was a way to help Kyoko stay alive. I liked Tohru’s grandfather in the first season when he stood up to the awful relatives who were treating Tohru terribly, and this scene in this episode just reinforces how good of a man he really is and made me like him even more.

We get an appearance from Kagura at Kazuma’s house. She hides when Tohru appears, but when Tohru goes to see Rin, Kagura blows off some stream because she wants Tohru to confess her feelings to Kyo already. With Tohru not saying anything, Kagura admits it makes her determination waver… and she hates how she recognizes this. Kagura punctuates what she’s saying by punching at Kazuma’s house and causing some damage. Although the scene of Kagura comically damaging Kazuma’s house was short, it was a brief bit of levity that was needed in such a serious and emotional episode. When Tohru confesses to Rin that when she says she wants to break the Soma curse and free the zodiac members, she admits that’s not entirely true… her main goal is freeing Kyo. Kagura bursts in and punches Tohru in the face, saying this is something she should be telling Kyo, not them.

Near the end of the episode, Kyo finds Tohru working at taking down the laundry that’s hanging outside. He asks Tohru if she looks anything like her dad, and this launches a touching conversation between the two. Tohru ends up admitting to Kyo the reasons for her behavior, and basically confirms what her grandfather had said earlier in the episode. Kyo reaches out and gives Tohru a hug, which of course, causes him to turn into the cat. But I was glad to see Kyo reach out to her like that. Lord knows that by this point in the episode, I wished I could reach through the screen and give that poor girl a hug. By this point, she’d gone through the wringer emotionally.

In the final scene, Tohru takes Kyo to her room to show her a picture of her father. He notices the blue cap, and then a memory he’d blocked out of his mind comes back to him… and it appears this could be setting the stage for another intense episode. But what a note to end on.

I recently saw that there was a report that there’s only going to be 13 episodes for Fruits Basket The Final Season. If that’s true, then we’re about halfway through. With how intense this episode, as well the previous two had been, how much more intense is it going to get before it ends? But things are moving rather quickly at this point, which seems to lend credence to the report of 13 episodes to finish the series. I’m really looking forward to watching the next episode, but I’m hoping that it won’t be as emotionally intense as this week.

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