Animate USA is Collaborating With Hypnosis Mic

Attention Hypnosis Mic fans! A limited-time promotional event is being held at animate USA.

From May 17-June 20, 2021, Hypnosis Mic merchandise will be available on the animate USA Online Shop with a special bonus. Get figures, keychains, and acrylic stands of your favorite characters, and for every $15 spent during the event, you will receive a holographic bookmark.

*Please note that customers cannot choose which of the 15 bookmark designs they will receive.

Hypnosis Mic is a multimedia franchise created by Evil Line Records. The series focuses on rap battles where “hypnosis microphones” are used to control opponents. The franchise started with the launch of a CD series featuring songs and drama track in 2017, and has since gone on to spawn a mobile game, concert series, manga, and a television anime that aired in 2020.

animate USA’s Hypnosis Mic promotional event will be taking place from May 17-June 20, 2021. Don’t miss it.

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