Crunchyroll and Gucci have come together for a special collection of items based on the Bananya anime series. Featuring a selection of womenswear items, accessories, and trainers for both men and women, the collection will be available starting in May 2021 at

Featured in the line are seven womenswear items—including four G Loved base short-sleeve cotton T-shirts and three felted cotton sweatshirts, with hooded and crew-neck options, all decked out in pure Bananya goodness. You’ll find the Bananya Bunch on the sunlight sweatshirt and short-sleeve T-Shirt, while Tabby Bananya is featured with Bananya on a sugar pink hoodie and two short-sleeve shirts. The sugar pink short-sleeve T-shirt and mint green sweatshirt both sport a carefree and optimistic Bananya, so there’s something for all occasions here.

Two styles of trainers and a pair of slides featuring Bananya and Tabby Bananya are available for women. The pair of fruitful felines are also sitting atop the Gucci green-red-green Web stripe on styles made for both women and men, and Bananya fans will find some jewelry options to complete their look.

Source: Crunchyroll