The LINE Manga app has announced that Haruichi’s Star Wars Leia, Princess of Alderaan manga is returning from its hiatus on May 8, 2021. Additionally, the same app also announced that Akira Aoki will put the Star Wars Rebels manga on a hiatus “for a while” due to “personal reasons.” Yen Press publishes both manga in English.

Star Wars Leia, Princess of Alderaan launched on the LINE Manga app in May 2019, and had gone on short breaks multiple times since its launch. The series went on an indefinite hiatus in January 2020 due to Haruichi’s poor physical health. Star Wars Leia, Princess of Alderaan adapts Claudia Gray’s Leia, Princess of Alderaan novel, which Disney–Lucasfilm Press published in September 2017 as part of the Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi series.

The story of the manga is described as:

A young Princess Leia spends her days learning the ways of politics, aiding those in need and preparing for the traditional ceremony in which she declares her intention to one day rule Alderaan. But as Leia prepares herself to be named the heir of the throne, she becomes aware of the growing distance between her and her parents, who behind closed doors are leaders of the newly-formed Rebellion. Upon learning her parents’ secrets, Leia must now make a choice between her responsibility to the people of Alderaan and her responsibility to save a galaxy crushed by the rule of the Empire.

Aoki launched Star Wars Rebels on the LINE Manga app in December 2019. The manga adapts the Star Wars Rebels American animated series, which premiered in October 2014 and aired on Disney XD until March 2018.

The story of the manga is described as:

Set during an era when the Galactic Empire is hunting down the last of the Jedi, a fledgling rebellion against the Empire begins to take form. Star Wars Rebels takes place in the area surrounding the planet Lothal, where the Galactic Empire battles against Ezra, a teenage con artist with latent Force abilities, Kanan, one of the last surviving members of the Jedi Order, and the rest of the ragtag rebels on board the starship Ghost.

Source: ANN