Case Closed: Episode 1004 – “The 36-Cell Perfect Game (Part Two)”

The episode opens with a recap that gives the viewer enough information to remind them of what happened in the previous episode, and I thought the recap was the perfect length.

When Kogoro is examining the body of the deceased man in the bathroom, the friends of the victim criticize him for being an amateur who’s disturbing a crime scene. Wakita reveals Kogoro’s identity to everyone assembled, and Kogoro makes another call to the Nagano police. Kogoro is asked to send a video of the crime scene, and when the Nagano police view it, Komei notices Amuro in the background and believes he’s met him before. Near the end of the episode, we get a flashback of when Komei’s brother brought a blond-haired friend to meet him, introducing him as Rei Furuya. Komei believes that he may have been the one to send the envelope with his brother’s damaged cell phone.

But most of the episode focuses on what’s going on at the church. It’s decided the remaining people should get together in pairs and stay with their partner. The childhood friends make pairs among themselves, Amuro partners with Conan, which leaves Wakita to partner with Kogoro. One of the friends makes the comment that he feared that the friend killed in the bathroom would be the first one, and the other friends shush him. There was another similar instance in the previous episode, so it really feels like this group of friends is hiding some kind of a secret. After the pairs are established, Amuro and Conan go into the bathroom together to start discussing what they know about the case. It seems like the crossbow that was set up to kill this guy was at the perfect height for him. However, since they chose lots as to who would go in there, and nothing seemed off about how they chose lots, this feels rather odd. It’s brought up more than once in the episode that there could be someone hiding in the church and watching what’s happening. I can’t neglect to mention that Conan asks Amuro about Rum and if he’s met them, which puts Amuro in a spot. However, all Amuro will say is that Rum is impatient.

While they’re in the bathroom, the sound of breaking glass can be heard from the building next door. Kogoro tries to brush it off as something being blown against the window by the storm. But after they hear the breaking glass a second time, one of the childhood friends comes up with a way to determine which pair should investigate, even though Kogoro keeps advising them not to do it. In the end, it’s the guy who came up with the method and his partner who are chosen to go. Conan and Amuro rejoin the group after those two leave, and shortly after, one of the pair runs back by himself, asking who sent the text. He explains that his partner got a text, freaked out, and ran off toward the bath. When they find him, he has died by poisoning.

Unfortunately, Kogoro has lost his cell service, so he can’t update the Nagano police with this update. Amuro and Conan start examining things, and discover that the poison wasn’t forced on the victim. Also, Amuro pulls up the text and sees what the message was. They determine that the sender’s address doesn’t match the remaining members of the friend group. Theories are bounced around, with Wakita joining in. Near the end of the episode, Amuro and Conan discover honey on the victim’s cell phone and wonder how it got there. Wakita comes over and comments on how Amuro and Conan seem to be close. Amuro tries to downplay Conan by saying that he’s just imitating Kogoro, as well as the fact that they only really see each other when Amuro goes to visit Kogoro. Wakita’s reactions are… quite interesting.

With no other leads to go on, Conan suggests that perhaps they should work at trying to decipher the code on the various messages they’ve found during this storyline. I have to admit that I’ve been kind of wondering why they hadn’t tried deciphering it before now. I guess it could be argued that that had been the original plan before the first murder took place at the end of the previous episode. And perhaps they didn’t want to try deciphering the code without Amuro or Conan present, which is why they hadn’t tried while the two of them were in the bathroom. But I’m guessing that there’s going to be an important clue in those notes once the code is cracked. From the preview for the next episode, it appears they will figure something out, but are trying to puzzle out what exactly it means.

It’s going to be interesting to watch next week to find out more about this code, and perhaps even solve the mystery.

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