Composer Shunsuke Kikuchi Passes Away

Composer Shunsuke Kikuchi passed away on April 24, 2021 due to aspiration pneumonia. He was 89 years old at the time of his passing.

Kikuchi was born on November 1, 1931 in Hirosaki City in Aomori prefecture, and he made his professional debut as a soundtrack composer in the 1961 film Hachininme no Teki. He composed for numerous anime, live-action series, and films, particularly for Toei and Shochiku. He is best-known for composing the first theme song for the Kamen Rider franchise “Let’s Go!! Rider Kick,” and also composed the music for such anime as Doraemon (including the opening theme song), Tiger Mask, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dr. Slump (including the theme songs), Getter Robo, Grendizer, Casshan, and Tōshō Daimos.

Among numerous honors, he received the award for Best Music in the 6th Japan Academy Prize ceremony in 1983, and the lifetime achievement award in the 57th Japan Record Awards in 2015.

Source: ANN

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