Anime Blu-ray Review: Dragon Ball Super Part 6

Dragon Ball Super Part 6 includes Episodes 66-78 of the Dragon Ball Super anime series. Audio options for this release include the original Japanese audio with English subtitles and the English dub.

Dragon Ball Super Part 6
English Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
Format: Blu-ray
Release Date: January 8, 2019

The first two episodes conclude the “Future” Trunks Saga. At first, it seems like Goku and Vegeta will have the upper hand after Vegeta reluctantly agrees to merge with Goku to become Vegito. Unfortunately, it turns out that becoming half mortal was part of Zamasu’s plan all along. But after being given a broken sword by Future Mai, Future Trunks is able to power it up with energy from all living things on Earth. Yes, he creates a Genki Dama (aka Spirit Bomb) and is able to use the sword to cut Zamasu in half.

This happened right at the end of Episode 66, and I really felt like we were finally done with Zamasu. But… nope. Zamasu transcends his physical form and begins merging with the universe. Goku uses the summoning button he received from Zeno to summon the future timeline version of Zeno. This Zeno has no idea who Goku is, but after Goku explains the situation, the future timeline Zeno decides to destroy the future multiverse. Fortunately, our protagonists (as well as Future Trunks and Future Mai) manage to escape, and Future Zeno comes along for the ride. Remember how Goku promised to find a perfect friend for Zeno in Part 5? He brings Future Zeno to Zeno, and the two become friends. This arc ends with Whis offering to take Future Trunks and Future Mai to a point in their timeline before Zamasu became a threat, with the caveat that they would co-exist with that timeline’s version of themselves. They agree, and they leave.

Most of the remaining episodes in this set are one or two-episode stories, with many containing throwbacks to both the original Dragon Ball anime and the Dragon Ball Z anime. One of the exceptions to this is the first episode of this group, which sees Bulma trying to build a new time machine, while Goku promises King Kai to revive him with the Dragon Balls. Unfortunately, some of the other characters have their own selfish wishes that they want, so after Goku summons Shen Long, arguments ensue over who gets to make the two wishes. One wish is granted when Gohan brings Pan, who is suffering from a fever… because everyone agrees that Pan’s health is important. In the end, King Kai isn’t brought back to life, so the status quo stays the same. This ending made it clear that this episode was “filler.”

Next, we get an episode where Vegeta, Bulma, and Trunks attend a science competition hosted by Mr. Satan. One of the other contestants is Dr. Senbei Norimaki (aka Dr. Slump), and he wins the prize. Arale-chan, who had made an appearance in the original Dragon Ball anime when there was a crossover episode that sees Goku going to Penguin Village, makes an appearance in Metro West. While Vegeta got some amusing lines, this episode was overall on the cringy side. I never liked Arale-chan when she appeared in Dragon Ball, and I still found her to be annoying in her appearance here. Did we really need to have another crossover with Dr. Slump?

The next episode sees Beerus’ brother, Champa, issuing a challenge to Beerus… a baseball game. But as we see in the episode, most of the characters have no idea how to play baseball. Yamcha is the only one who knows how, and it’s not surprising that he’s the captain for the 7th Universe’s team. It was the craziest game of baseball I’ve ever seen, and it was amusing to see Yamcha being the hero for once. However, there is a throwback to a scene in Dragon Ball Z when it’s discovered that Yamcha wins the game because he’s the only one who scores a point.

Then, there are two episodes that see Goku being jumpy because he senses that someone is out to kill him. It turns out it’s Hit, the assassin that was introduced during the martial arts championship between the 6th and 7th Universes. At the end of the first episode of this set, I was convinced that Goku was actually killed. But it turns out he wasn’t, and there’s a twist about who hired Hit to go after Goku and why. Admittedly, the twist could be seen from a mile away, especially after it’s revealed that Goku wasn’t actually killed.

The next two episodes see Mr. Satan starring in a new superhero film titled, Great Saiyaman vs. Mister Satan. Barry Kahn, the actor playing the Great Saiyaman, is famous but very self-absorbed. A subplot involves Jaco, where he accidentally loses custody of a parasitic alien named Watagashi. Gohan gets involved in the storyline when he becomes the stunt double for Barry. Barry gets frustrated when he’s rebuffed by Videl and tries to create a scandal involving Gohan and the lead actress. But Videl believes in her husband, which enrages Barry. Watagashi comes across Barry and takes him over. Barry turns into a monster, and it’s up to Gohan, in the guise of the Great Saiyaman, to take down Barry. As luck would have it, the camera crew captures the whole thing and includes it in the film. I thought it was amusing at the end of the episode, seeing moviegoers excited about the movie, especially the little kid wearing a Great Saiyaman cosplay outfit. After how Gohan was so ridiculed in Dragon Ball Z over the Great Saiyaman, I thought this was a nice thing to happen to Gohan.

The next two episodes see Goku desperately trying to find someone to train with. He’s left with Kuririn, who tries to turn him down. However, No. 18 says she fell in love with the strong martial arts version of Kuririn, and Marron wants her father to be strong. Kuririn agrees to the training, and the two of them go back to Master Rohi’s for old time’s sake. Roshi, with the help of his sister, Uranai Baba, creates a test for both Goku and Kuririn. This test includes having enemies they have previously defeated appearing as opponents to fight. For Kuririn, many of these opponents killed him, or in Dabura’s case, turned him into stone. We see poor Kuririn experiencing PTSD when faced with these opponents, and it makes the viewer realize just how rough he’s had it as a character in this franchise. But Kuririn is able to figure out what Roshi wants him to figure out from this training. At the end of this, Kuririn decides that while he will still be a police officer, he will also return to training in martial arts. I thought these were a couple of great character development episodes for Kuririn.

The final two episodes of this set finally set the All-Universe Martial Arts tournament in motion. We discover at the beginning of this arc that Bulma is pregnant again and is about to give birth at any time. Because of this, Vegeta refuses to participate in what’s about to happen. You can tell that he wants to, but he’s smart enough to know that Bulma will expect him to be there for the birth of their second child. Meanwhile, Goku discovers that Zeno forgot about the martial arts tournament, and Future Zeno is very curious about this because he’s never seen one before. The main tournament is set, where each universe will have 10 fighters. But a horrible truth is revealed… when a universe loses, it will be destroyed by Zeno. But before the main tournament, Future Zeno wants a mini tournament in order to see a martial arts tournament. Two universes will have three fighters for the tournament.

The second episode begins this mini tournament, which sees the 7th Universe against the 9th Universe. In addition to Goku, the 7th Universe fighters are Gohan and Majin Boo. The mini tournament gets going with Boo’s fight. This final episode ends in such a way that the viewer is left with a bit of a cliffhanger. I’m looking forward to when I can watch Dragon Ball Super Part 7 in order to see what happens to Boo and his opponent.

We get both a new opening theme and a new ending theme over the course of the episodes in this set. The new opening theme only appears on the final two episodes of the set. This makes sense, since these episodes are starting the next major arc in Dragon Ball Super. And I have to say that the new ending theme introduced in this set is much better than the previous ending theme.

When it comes to this release, the Blu-ray video is 1080p High Definition 16:9 (HD Native), and the audio is Dolby TrueHD: English 5.1 and Dolby TrueHD: Japanese 2.0. I have no complaints with the video or audio quality of this release.

With this set, there are interviews with three of the English voice actors in Dragon Ball Super: Sonny Strait (Kuririn), Matthew Mercer (Hit), and Kyle Hebert (Gohan). With both Sonny and Kyle’s interviews, it really hit home just how long both of these actors have been voicing their respective characters in the Dragon Ball franchise at the time the interviews were taped. Matthew Mercer was also an interesting interview, because it turns out he was a fan of the franchise before it was officially released in English. I thought it was great to hear the perspective of someone who joined the voice cast after already being a long-time fan of Dragon Ball. The one thing that really stood out to me is that we get to see scenes from Dragon Ball Super during the interviews, but there was only one instance where we got to hear a character talk. Here we are, listening to the voice actors talking about their roles and impressions of this point in the story, yet we don’t get to hear their characters in the anime footage included in the features. Outside of this, the bonus features also include textless versions of the opening songs and the closing songs, as well as trailers for other releases from FUNimation Entertainment.

If you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball franchise and want to own all the episodes and films, then you’ll need to add Dragon Ball Super Part 6 to your anime home video library.

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