Media Blasters to Launch Atomic Anime Blast Blu-ray Line

The Fandom Post is reporting that Media Blasters is launching a new anime Blu-ray line called Atomic Anime Blast, which combines some titles together into one release. The first volume is scheduled to be released on June 8, 2021, and will retail for US$34.99. The first release includes Episodes 1-12 of Juden Chan and Episodes 1-13 of Rio Rainbow Gate.

The story of Juden Chan is described as:

Finally, hope for people around the world suffering from depression has arrived. Meet Juden-chan, the invisible but well-endowed re-charger ladies with the powers to re-energize people and obliterate their sadness and despondence. While Aresta and Plug are conducting their juden-chan duties, they encounter a boy named Sento who has the ability to see them.

The story of Rio Rainbow Gate is described as:

The Howard Resort Hotel is a popular casino complex where people gather from around the world for a chance to take a gamble and win a fortune. Employed in the casino is the ravishing Rio Rollins, known to the high rollers as the Goddess of Victory. Join Rio as she embarks on a series of crazy contests for a shot at the title of Most Valuable Casino Dealer.

Source: The Fandom Post

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