Case Closed: Episode 1002 – “The Beika City Shopping Center Garbage Bin Mystery”

I’m going to start this by saying that the opening theme for this episode is the same opening theme that was used for the remake of “The Moonlight Sonata Mystery.” In the spoken opening for the new opening, Conan makes a comment about solving 1,000 mysteries or something along those lines. So the lines in the opening song that have to do with 1,000 and “congratulations” still make some sense, I guess. I think it’s safe to say this will be the new theme song for a little while.

This episode serves as a lead-in to The Scarlet Bullet, the film that was released to Japanese theaters on April 16, 2021.

The World Sports Games will be hosted in Tokyo, and everyone is getting ready for the event. Conan’s class is cleaning up garbage, while Ran’s class is brainstorming potential ideas for the visitors coming for the event. Most of the emphasis is put on the garbage aspect, though.

While Conan and the Detective Boys are cleaning up garbage in the business district, Ayumi comes across a cat. Their teacher recognizes the cat as belonging to a woman in the area who regularly came by and cleaned up garbage. The cat’s owner is currently in the hospital, so they think the cat has come out there to look for its owner. They discover that there’s one area where there used to be a garbage bin, but it’s gone and there’s garbage just sitting where the bin used to be. It turns out the bin has been removed due to arguing between the eateries and the non-eateries in the district. The non-eateries are blaming the eateries for encouraging their patrons to eat while they walk, which leads to garbage being thrown everywhere. The non-eateries are demanding that the eateries install additional garbage bins.

The Detective Boys take it upon themselves to find out who is throwing the garbage where the bin used to be. Ai sets up a camera to try to catch the culprit. I’m going to be honest here and say that after some information that was revealed in the episode, I already knew who the culprit was before it was revealed. But thanks to this revelation, the feud between the eateries and the non-eateries are resolved. This, along with the idea that Ran’s class came up with that is being implemented for the upcoming World Sports Games.

We also see Subaru (aka the FBI agent named Shuichi Akai). It’s thanks to an encounter Ran, Sonoko, and Conan have with him that leads to Ran’s idea that her class submits for the World Sports Games. However, we saw hints of Subaru around earlier in the episode. There are a couple of times when characters feel someone watching them (one is Ai, the other is Sera). It’s dark for Sera’s scene, so we have no idea who’s watching her. However, when Ai turns around to try to determine who’s watching her, we see Subaru (with his back turned toward the camera). This mystery is never answered in this episode, and I don’t know if it’s going to be addressed in The Scarlet Bullet (since I haven’t seen it).

Overall, the episode isn’t bad for one that serves as a lead-in to a film. While the main mystery of who was littering the location where the bin had been was easy to figure out, I think I was a little more forgiving about this because I knew this episode is here to lead into something bigger.

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