Fruits Basket The Final Season: Episode 2 – “That’s an Unwavering Truth”

This episode sees Tohru wondering what she can say about what she learned from Kureno. At one point, she tries to ask Shigure if Akito is really a woman, but she stops before she can even get Akito’s name out. He doesn’t let on to her, but Shigure figures out what Tohru wants to ask by what she started to say. In a later scene, when Tohru and Kyo are left alone in a classroom due to circumstances, Tohru tries to ask Kyo a hypothetical question about a zodiac member breaking the curse. He tells her not to ask him such hypothetical questions, and Tohru can’t look up at him because she thinks she might cry and give away what’s going on. But poor Kyo thinks he’s insulted her, and the expressions he gets are ones we don’t normally see on him. The fact that he can let his tough guy exterior down around Tohru in that manner just shows how much he cares for her.

Most of these scenes with Tohru are anchored by the concept that her class is making paper flowers for the seniors’ upcoming graduation. We get a brief scene of the Prince Yuki fan club stealing the paper flowers that he made, and there are also some girls that steal the flowers that Kyo made (his fan club that he doesn’t seem to realize even exists). While the flowers bring about some of the humor in the episode, we do get three serious scenes with them. One is the classroom scene between Kyo and Tohru, when he hands her one of the white flowers as a way of apology when he thought he had insulted her. Another is a flustered Machi giving a white paper flower to Yuki after she sees him and chases him down. It appears Machi is interested in Yuki, and Yuki is too awkward to realize this yet. The third scene is in connection with Shigure and Akito, when he gives her a red paper flower.

The main thrust of the episode is on the relationship between Akito and Shigure. In the opening of the episode, we get a flashback of a younger Akito approaching a younger Shigure and asking if he loves her. He picks a nearby red flower and tells her that he does, and “That’s an unwavering truth” (hence where the title of the episode comes from). We see that the relationship between these two is rocky, and we also learn of Shigure’s jealousy toward and hatred for Kureno.

Near the end of the episode, we get a lot of drama from Akito and Shigure. Shigure is meeting his editor for dinner at a restaurant, and it’s one where Akito is gathering members of the Soma family for dinner. Akito becomes jealous when she sees Shigure and his editor together. I can’t forget to mention that we briefly see Shigure’s parents at the restaurant.

But this all comes to a head when Shigure goes to visit Akito afterwards. The two accuse each other of being unfaithful (apparently, Shigure slept with Akito’s mother because Akito had slept with Kureno). During this confrontation, Shigure makes it clear that he still remembers what he said when the two of them were younger, and that he’s still in love with Akito. The obsession, the love-hate relationship, and the manipulation that these two deal with and have for each other is intense. This scene ends with them sleeping together. Damn, this scene was intense.

With scenes like the one between Akito and Shigure in this episode, the light hearted scene of the Prince Yuki fan club stealing the flowers Yuki made almost feels out of place. Yes, there needed to be some humor to lighten the mood, but to go from such a silly scene like this to the very dramatic scene between Akito and Shigure at the end of the episode, I almost felt like I was getting whiplash from the shift in tone. Now that we’re getting closer to the end of the series, the tone is getting darker overall. I just don’t see that there’s really going to be room for such light hearted and humorous moments brought about by the antics of the Prince Yuki fan club.

I’m glad that Fruits Basket is back, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen in next week’s episode.

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  1. Karandi · April 14, 2021

    I felt the silly antics of the club were well placed lightening the very heavy atmosphere and reminding us that the school is whwre the kids get to be kids, at least until their graduation. It isn’t far away now but the contrast between their school life and the petty issue of flower stealing compared with their home life dramas was well handled and I think was one of the strengths of the episode.

  2. Lesley Aeschliman · April 14, 2021

    Now that I’ve had over 24 hours since I watched the episode to think things over, I think you’re right.

    I recently bought the Blu-ray release of Fruits Basket Season Two Part Two, and I started watching it last night. I noticed something in the ending credits that stood out to me because of what we saw in this episode. In the ending credits for the second half of season two, there is a shot of Yuki wearing a white yukata and holding a white paper flower. This is immediately followed by a shot of Akito surrounded by a bunch of the red flower that we saw Shigure give to Akito in one of the flashbacks in this episode. That just struck me like… woah!

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